Thursday, June 3, 2010

Memorial Day (week) Memories

Kristen says...

I think this week is my favorite week of this year so far! Not only is Memorial Day my FAVORITE holiday, but my brother came home from Spain (he'd been there since January: visit his blog at: Plus, today is my 4-year wedding anniversary AND today was the last day with kids at Saydel. Tomorrow is the last day of the school year, and then it is off to Dubuque for anniversary weekend fun!

A few pics from this bestest of weeks:
Saturday: Golfing, and s'mores with the Bocks

Sunday: In Oskaloosa with the family! Graduation parties, cousins, and my sister (+ Baby Bock) and Mom! Monday: Memorial Day:
First we went on an early-morning drive. I'll post some beautiful rural-Iowa pictures in another post.

Then, we got word that my brother Timothy had gotten an early plane back to Des Moines, so we all popped into the cars and drove to the airport. I have a great video, but blogger isn't letting me upload we'll have to settle for a screen shot instead. I love how excited Mom is here!Anyway, we always go to decorate my mom's side of the family on Memorial Day. Here's my family in Osceola:
My grandpa is a funny guy! He came along with us, so here are some classic shots:

Notice Grandpa's hat: that is my siblings and me about 17 years ago...Grandpa says he wears this hat because it makes him look younger, or something... :)

We had a beautiful day, filled with lots of fun family times. I think Timothy was VERY glad to be home, and I know Mom was happy to have him home!

Tuesday-Thursday: Last days of school for the 2009-2010 school year! One day of review + 2 days of finals=lovely!

Today, as I mentioned, is my anniversary. I kind of thought Chris was going to ignore it today, since he's busy and we're celebrating this weekend, but look what showed up around 2:30 today:

A close-up of the card:

So, do you think I paid attention?! :)

Here are the flowers in our (very messy) apartment.

OK, so lots of pictures in this post. What does this rambling have to do with Honduras?

Well, it was a good family weekend, and something I will miss when we're gone...while I do sometimes get frustrated with my family, I (mostly) love hanging out with them. I keep trying to convince myself that, whether we're in Des Moines or Teguc, if I'm not coming home that day it's all the same thing...but really, I will miss my family.

Also, I will miss out on all the fun things we routinely do together. The Iowa State Fair, decorating graves on Memorial Day, and lots of other things will be Kristen-less for the next two years...I think I just need to enjoy them while I can.

One of the things I'm excited about with this whole moving thing is that Chris and I will be able to start our own family traditions, and hopefully they will include some of the holidays and festivals of Honduras. My greatest hope is that we start doing things in Honduras that we continue to follow for the rest of our lives. I love culture!

I will leave you with one last picture, perhaps my favorite from this weekend:

What a funny dog! :)

Adios, until next time! :)


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