Sunday, September 26, 2010

One of these days...


Kristen says...

...I am going to order from a Honduran drive thru and get EXACTLY what I want.

I thought today was going to be the day. I practiced my Spanish with Rosetta Stone for an hour and a half this afternoon (although, unfortunately I haven't come across a lesson on ordering food through a muffled black box) and was feeling pretty ok about it. At least, I figure I learned something today, even if it wasn't exactly what I needed to know.

And, really, that hour and half was the most I did all was a VERY lazy weekend! After gearing up for "Hurricane Matthew" (which really ended up being Tropical Storm Matthew, and it completely missed us, so it was a big bust) at the end of last week, and having to cancel our planned trip to the orphanage this morning (more on that later) we just hung out with friends, ate, and slept this weekend. Yesterday I set up an intensive plan to help a local man learn English (yes, I am going to teach English lessons...I have a feeling that will be very interesting!) and...well, today I did a little RS and ordered from the McDonald's drive thu (or auto Mac as they call it here...yep, auto Mac).

The origin of this was that Chris wanted greasy food, a want which he conveyed to me by BB MESSENGER, when we were sitting approximately 10 feet away from each other in the sala...
Lazy, party of two! :)

So, being the nice wife that I am, I decided to venture forth in search of grease. As you might be able to see in this poorly-grained picture (my good camera is coming in just under a month!!!) my hair is looking pretty awesome today, a product of wet hair from a shower that hadn't been properly styled. (I do have naturally curly hair, despite my constant work to straighten it.) Chris wanted a burger, coke, and fries, so our options were "limited" (HAHA--Wendy's, Burger King, and McDonalds are not far away). I personally hate BK, so I chose Wendy's first (it's very close to home, and has a drive thru, which was important since I didn't want to get out and go inside a restaurant with my lovely hair and choice of clothing (Storybook Players t-shirt and "workout" shorts).

Unfortunately, Wendy's drive thru was closed??? so I had to go to Micky D's. I arrived, and I really thought it was going to be good. I actually understood when they guy welcomed me and asked me what I wanted. I said I wanted "un numero cuatro con un Coke regular" and then it got a little tricky...he asked if I wanted "papas", which I did (or Chris did, as I was ordering his food first). Then I ordered my food, a Happy Meal (I'm not actually sure what that is called in Spanish).

I don't like all the "fixins" on my food--in fact, I come from a family that we lovingly refer to as the "plain" family...whenever we go out, we always order our food plain. I wasn't sure how to say that, so I said I wanted "una quesoburguesa, sin todo pero carne y queso. Carne y queso solo." And of course papas. And then a Sprite, since I don't like Coke.

The guy seemed like we were on the same page, he offered postre (dessert) and I declined, and drove through to the first window.

This is when I should have started to worry.

There were two gentlemen waiting there for me, one the guy I had been chatting with, and one a managerial type, who questioned me about my order. (This happens a lot--apparently my Spanish isn't as good as I pretend it to be?) It still sounded right, so I happily paid and moved on to Window #2.

I was handed a bag, a box (my Happy Meal) and two drinks.

Right away I should have stopped and asked the guy for a change...I got 2 Sprites, rather than a Sprite and a Coke...but I was already pulling out when this registered, so I figured Chris could enjoy a refreshing lemon-lime drink rather than the stuff they use to clean blood off pavements.

I got home, started pulling out our food and realized...they had definitely left out the carne and the queso...because they gave me McNuggets!

Now, I am an equal-opportunity McDonald's eater ... ok, that's a lie. I'm not. I like plain cheeseburgers. Period. So the McNuggets were quite sad for me. But I ate them, and they were probably the best McNuggets I've had in a long time, so I guess it wasn't too bad.
Two "Mc"stakes...and a puppy who would like to eat them both!

So, all-in-all, not the best "Mc"sperience I've had at the drive thru. And I realize there is user-error, but I think the error was mostly on my part. I need to learn how to say EXACTLY what I want, and I think I need to slow down and enunciate a little better.

Hopefully next time will be better. :)



  1. You should be happy to know that it's not your Spanish food places here are notorious for screwing up orders. I've lived here 2 years, and only gotten a correct order MAYBE 2 or 3 times! haha :)

  2. Thank you, that does make me feel better! :)

  3. hannah is definitely right about that..... we've been here 2 and a half years and after the first six months i gave up on the drive thru and always go inside. and it is definitely not the spanish because it happens even when i go with a honduran driving and ordering.

  4. I'm proud of you for even going and giving it a shot!! That was very brave, especially for a member of the "plain family"...sometimes I get nervous about going through the drive-thru in the United States, and I'm pretty confident with my English these days! ;) Nice post.


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