Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Slow and Steady Español

Kristen says...


Today I am quite proud ... er, ok, maybe proud isn't quite right, but ... today I passed Rosetta Stone Level 2!! :)

While I am happy to have reached this milestone today, it also makes me realize how far behind I am from where I thought I would be/want to be/think I should be at this point. Because, you see, we started working on Rosetta Stone in DECEMBER OF LAST YEAR!

If you remember all the way back to the beginnings of the blog, we thought we would be spending a bit more time on Rosetta Stone. I believe I even said I would practice two hours a day in the month of June...yeah, not so much. :)

Obviously, I have been getting in some non-RS practice with the Spanish ... Wilmer is Spanish-only, as are most of the service industry folks here in Honduras. If I am shopping at a store I (usually) need to be able to ask for prices, availability, etc in Spanish, and I don't think we've had a waiter yet who spoke English. So obviously I am using a bit of the language every day. I even purchased 3 history magazines in Spanish, hoping that they would get me more practice...sadly I haven't even really had time (or maybe I should say made time) to even do more than flip through the pictures...they are kind of intimidating me :)

Another thing I do to practice my Spanish is eat lunch in the teachers' lounge, something I didn't do a whole lot of in the States ... teachers' lounges are kind of known as griping dens, and are usually something (for me) to avoid. Here, however, the lounge is a pretty positive place, and all but one of the people I eat with on a regular basis speak Spanish as their first language, so it's a great place to soak up all the Spanish I can from their conversations. The best part is, it's totally ok for me to "interrupt" and say, "Wait, are you talking about ..." or sometimes they even ask me, "Are you understanding what we're saying?" It's been such a great place to relax and have some quality teacher-time. I enjoy it very much.

Still, only passing 2 levels of Rosetta Stone in 8.5 months...that is WAY past the "try it for 6 months and learn it or return it" policy. Obviously we weren't going to return the product, but still. The assumption is that you will finish the program in 6 months, and if you haven't learned the language by then, that is when you return it. What a slacker I am that I haven't even gotten half way through!

But there again, since I got the program I:
1. Finished my first full year of teaching
2. Moved out of my apartment
3. Moved into my parents house
4. Moved to Honduras
5. Started my second full year of teaching (in a foreign country!)
6. Have had lots of other things that have taken up my time

So, it's not like I've just been wasting my time (although, I have done my fair share of that, know what they say about all work and no play...)

Anyway, I'm going to call this milestone a draw. I don't remember exactly when I passed into the realm of Level 2 (it really has been that long, sadly), but I seem to be averaging just over 4 months (eek) per level. So, it is September 22, which means we are just about exactly 3 months away from going home for Christmas.

My goal is to be through with Level 3 before I leave Honduras for Iowa in December.

There, you are my witnesses. I am REALLY going to try. Most days I do nothing, but today I've actually put in a solid 2 hours...and I really do think it helps. If nothing else, it puts the language at the front of my mind.

So, let's hope that I can make my goal...because really, if I'm only here for 2 years, I don't want to "waste" any more time than I have to learning the language...I'd rather be out there using the language to connect with people in this wonderful country!


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