Monday, September 13, 2010

Wow, busy!

Chris says:

So, I haven't blogged in a long time! Sorry! Since the last time I blogged...things we (or I) have done:

*Played poker 3 times, and lost 2 times! I don't just mean I didn't win, I mean I was the first one out! I'm in a once a week league with the IT guy from school and some awesome local guys.....its been a great way to get more spanish practice.
*Made various baked and cooked goods from home. I'm not sure what was better, the pigs in a blanket or the beef and noodles...???
*Volunteered at an orphanage - we're going again this month!
*Made real papusas and all the fixins....
*Enjoyed both Honduran and American (from the States) beer. Miller Lite is down here...not too expensive. They also have Schlitz! My grandpa would be soooooo proud! We'll save the Shitz, I mean Schlitz for a special occasion.
*Enjoyed more Rum from down here....cuba libre is quickly becoming my drink of choice instead of beer. Its great too because of all the fresh citrus down here...real limes..yummy, very good.
*I've learned more Spanish and am doing ....not so bad. I've found that doing Rosetta Stone, even for 15 minutes once a day is a week, you've probably at least done a lesson.
*Enjoyed the first weeks of American football in Honduras! Although I haven't seen an Iowa game yet, they do re-broadcast the BigTen network on a Fox Sports affiliated network down here....I'm excited to be able to watch a Hawkeye game! We get U.S. affiliates (ABC, NBC, CBS) out of the east coast so I've been able to watch enough football to keep me sane.
*On the topic of sports, I'm learning to enjoy a bit of soccer. We went to an actual live game 6 or 8 weeks was a very cool experience!
*Enjoyed my first Labor Day in another country. Kinda weird.....
*Met more expats working for the State Department and Embassy down here...very cool people. Even invited to a Marine party this week which evidently is supposed to be awesome.....and full of Marines to keep us of both worlds!
*Got my first plant, Kristen bought it for me at Mayoreo.....its growing...I like plants! Not sure if it flowers.....
*and, much, much more....

Things are still pretty great down here. Weather is beautiful, all the foliage is great too...there are some awesome flowering trees around our place...I'll take some pictures and post to out Flickr account to the left. All in all, good stuff - still very happy with our choice to move down here and have this adventure.

That's all for now, time for Rosetta Stone.

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