Tuesday, August 2, 2011

First Day in the Classroom...Eventful!

Kristen says...

Well, there's always a surprise when you walk into the classroom for the first time in the school year...here was mine:
Yes, that is a GIGANTIC, hairy, disgusting (and luckily dead) spider! EEEEEEEKKKK!!

In the year I have called #4 my school "home," I have had:
-a slug
-blue bottle flies
-giant moths
-and now this gigantor spider

I've been told there used to be many little critters in my room, including all the above mentioned and scorpions too...I've really worked hard to keep them away, mostly by "strongly discouraging" food in my room, and specifically not allowing any food or food wrappers to be thrown away in my class...but it was not a pleasant sight this morning to be greeted by that...

Anyway, after I got rid of the spider (I gave it to our lovely art teacher for the little littles to examine), I settled myself down and moved some furniture...

From this:

To this:
There is still SO MUCH WORK to do! Glad we still have a week left before the kids arrive! :)

We start our teacher days tomorrow...hopefully there will be no spiders to greet me in the morning!



  1. Goodness gracious! Why'd you have to do that to me?!! Nearly gave me a heart attack! Hahaha. EWWW. Tarantulas freak me out. But we have gigantic camel spiders here. *sigh*

    Your classroom is looking nice! Good luck ^_^

  2. Welcome back to Honduras. Maybe we can meet this year - either here in Santa Rosa or in Teguc.

    Enjoy your first days of schools - and watch out for the bugs;)


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