Monday, August 1, 2011

Teguci Poll

Hey Friends, Family, and Followers!

We here at ¿Teguci What? have been blogging for over a year and a half now, and are interested in what you think of the blog...

We realize it's a little random, a little all over the place, and that some of you may enjoy that, and some of you may...not.

So, loyal readers, we'd love a little feedback from you...what do YOU want to see more (or less) of on the blog? Vote for your favorites, let us know what you like about ¿Teguci What?...

(Also, thanks to those of you who have left comments in the past, and to those of you who will leave comments in the future...we LOVE reading your take on our lives :)

We really appreciate you tagging along with us on this Teguci Adventure, and thanks for taking the time to vote in the Poll :)

The Finks (Chris, Kristen, and of course, Pip!)

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