Monday, August 1, 2011

School Must be Starting Soon...I'm Dreaming about Seating Charts

Kristen says...

I can't believe school starts the day after tomorrow!

We have been back in Honduras for over a week now and life down here has quickly become "normal" again...I think a lot of that has to do with the friends we have down here...after 5 weeks of not seeing each other we have done a great job of making up for lost time.

We've been to movies, had Happy Hour, gone shopping, had dinners out...all in a week.

Speaking of dinners out, I never thought I would feel this way, but I am ready to not eat at a restaurant for at least 2 weeks...while we were gone my friend Maricarmen brought our cleaning lady over to the apartment and let me know that some chicken we'd apparently left in the freezer was stinking up our home...apparently we'd lost power a lot while we were gone and the chicken hadn't tolerated the warm weather very well...ew...

So not only did we have to deal with stinky chicken funk in the fridge, but it became painfully obvious that the fridge had decided it didn't want to fulfill its food-cooling functions any we had the fridge repairman come over again (2nd time this year, the thing got a new motor in April), and after 4-5 hours of work...our landlord bought us a new's really awesome; it has a built-in water holder so we can have cold water that doesn't come from the tap (because we can't drink tap water down here) we fill it from our big 5-gallon also has holders for pop cans and a cool ice's also about a foot taller than our old fridge, so then we had to have carpenters come in to move our shelves higher, too... I just got all my pictures of Ezra and Pip put back up there today...

It's been quite a process, but I finally got to go grocery shopping YESTERDAY for the first time since our return! We had Chicken, Garlic, and Sundried Tomato Pasta last night and I made Oatmeal Bread today to celebrate...YUM!

I also decided I'd better do something about school today, since it does start Wednesday, and I have done literally nothing to prepare this summer :) On a tip from another teacher I brought home all my files, stuck them in a corner, and promptly flew off to Iowa...this evening I pulled them out, dusted them off, and organized them...I think I might head into school tomorrow to try and put some things together, just to get a little jumpstart on the year...I also dreamed about seating charts last night, so it must be imminent...

I am looking forward to this school year for many reasons, one of which is that this is my first second year of teaching! Before starting this Honduran adventure, I taught one year at a school in Iowa (my first first year), and last year was my second first year at a new school...many teachers say the second year at a school is a million times better than the first year, and the third year is the best...I certainly can't attest to either, but if the second year here is better than the first, then it's going to be a fabulous year!

Anyway, that's what we've been up to, nothing too exciting...



  1. Glad you got a new fridge! A good way to tell if your power goes out for long enough to affect your food is to keep an ice cube on a plate in the freezer. If you open the freezer and see a melted/refrozen puddle around it, it means your frozen foods have also melted/refrozen.

  2. Good suggestion! Thanks :) (How's Gus? ;)


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