Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Another Walk...With the Camera This Time

Kristen says...

Happy Birthday to my Daddy! :)

Are you noticing a pattern with our posts? We seem to be doing a lot of walking, which is AWESOME, after two years of forced inside-ness in Honduras.

We had a request for pictures of our evening stroll, and the honest answer is "I didn't take my camera..." Oops. :)

BUT, the next day we took another walk, in the daytime, with our cameras. So I have some more pictures for you. :)

One of the things I LOVE about Vladivostok is all the public art. There are many painted murals and metallic art around the city:
Stairway art
I love the old dresses near the old house
It's the city's Coat of Arms incorporated into a block-long mural
The old trolley rails run about 10 feet away from this mural. They are just outside the side of the picture (and covered with snow!)
Paintings and metalwork. One of the paintings says "Thanks to the World" in Russian
Metal version of the Coat of Arms
We're not entirely sure what the story is behind this one...but it's neat, and publicly available to view

There are also some public monuments near us:

 And this...so excited!
(It's hard to see, and obviously if you don't read Russian you won't know that it says "Vladivostok Christian Methodist Church." Excited to check that out some Sunday!)
 We also saw some other fun things on our walk:
All I could think of was the first line of the Monkee's "The Poster" when I saw these... :)
Who says having bars on your window has to look ugly?
 We have also had a little bit of work done inside the house...this is what the Maisy Room looked like last night...

But, on a less happy note, guess what I found after my shower this morning...

Sigh. :)

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