Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Russian Pop Concert!

Kristen says...

Last night we had one of our most cultural Russian experiences yet...we went to a concert!

Probably the only Russian act you can think of right now is t.A.T.u. ("All the Things She Said"), and, if you watch the news, possibly Pussy Riot (sorry, it's their choice of a name, not mine) but you probably haven't heard of МакSим (MakSim) (I hadn't...)

Anyway, we were given the opportunity to go to her concert last night, and we decided it would be fun, so we went...and it was!

Here is the link to her YouTube channel, if you're interested in listening to her music.

I especially like the tune of the song Весна (Spring):

This one (Ветром Стать) is a little more ballad-y, but she kept showing this video during the concert so I assume it's a favorite...

She sounds pretty good, although I wish I actually understood what she's saying... :)

Anyway, there were four of us in our party; Chris, me, one of Chris' co-workers, and his friend, who was Russian and therefore the only one who really understood everything that was said and sung. (Funny story, I asked her if she knew all of Maksim's music, and she said she knew it but didn't really like most of it...)

The boys picked me up from the apartment and I got my first taste of "rush hour" traffic, Vladivostok style...

I have to say, from the passenger seat I think this place has nothing on Teguc for traffic issues, but I'm sure once I am the driver I will be annoyed plenty of times while on the road :)

It was an entertaining ride, though, especially given a few of the things we saw:
Obama Sushi!
It's hard to tell, but it's a police car being towed by a truck using a long rope...
огнеопасно means flammable (огне meaning fire, опасно meaning danger)...also notice all the duct tape holding things onto the back of the truck!
Oh well, we made it safely enough, and made our way to the place where the concert was being held...
the Ocean movie theater
Don't let the time on the poster or ticket (below) fool you...the concert didn't start until well past 19:00 (7:00 pm)... :)
Movie theater/concert hall
 Apparently Russian artists aren't so picky as US artists about cameras and such at their concerts, as we (and everyone else) had our iPhones out the entire time...I even saw some nice big cameras.

The movie screen was well-used to project her videos behind her as she sang..
Except when there were technical difficulties
The band was really good, especially the guitarist. And the keyboardist was really getting into it!
Many, many people came up to her during the concert to give her bouquets or elaborate flower arrangements...apparently it's a thing with her
Within 15-20 minutes of the start of the concert people were out of their seats and in the aisles, crowding the stage. It was funny to watch the bouncers because she seemed to be inviting them to come closer and they kept kind of pushing them back

After the concert we went outside to visit the random metal tiger outside the theater

 And then out to a German restaurant for dinner/a "midnight" snack (people keep WAY different hours here than I'm used to! Much more European than Midwestern US...)

All-in-all it was very fun, and a good experience. Apparently she gives a concert here once a year, so before next year's concert I'm going to listen to her music so I'm better able to enjoy it!

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