Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Out and About in Vladivostok

Kristen says...

My oh my is it cold out today! The official temperature is 9° F, but the "Real Feel" is -15 and dropping!! I took Pip out this morning when Chris went to work and the wind is REALLY strong and crazy-cold. I am NOT looking forward to walking down to the grocery store today!
I may have to use one of Chris' survival blankets to keep warm today! :)
Luckily this past weekend was a little warmer, so Chris and I were able to get out and explore a bit of the city near where we live.
Our handy-dandy grocery store/bowling alley
I love this book mural. It continues around the side, too! I'd love to know the story behind it!
Not far from us is a good-sized outdoor market, but it's pretty different than the market in Honduras. The one in Honduras had a lot more fresh produce and locally made goods, while this one actually has stalls/storefronts with things like soap, dog food, coffee and tea, etc. It was kind of interesting, because there was almost a pattern to what you could find at the stalls. The first would have all kinds of soaps, the next beverages, the one after that pet food, and then it would cycle back to the soaps.

It seems very repetitive, although there are a smattering of clothing stalls and bakery shops (yum!), as well as meat and fish sellers. There is even a stall that sells bulk frozen fruits and veggies, and a seller of plant and vegetable seeds. We will definitely be checking that out when the weather gets warmer (I'm told that will start to happen within the next month, but I'll believe it when I see it!) ;)

At any rate, here are some pics I snapped of the market. (Most of them aren't great, I was trying to take pictures without looking like a total tourist):
The view from a bridge parallel to the market
Inside the market. The yellow sign says мебель, which means furniture, but we mostly saw meat and dairy products in we're not sure about that one
Some of the stalls
A cat outside one of the bakery stalls
The электричка, or electric train runs just outside of the market. You can almost see the tracks in the first picture.
We're going to try this pizza restaurant soon. The building in the background is a movie theater, but apparently they never show movies in English, so I'm not sure how often we'll go to movies here. :/
 As I mentioned, in order to get to the market we had to go over a bridge. This bridge had a lot of stairs to get up and then down, and I wanted to show you the handicap accessibility features that have been built into structures here:
Somehow I don't think this meets US angle standards...
 We saw the same thing in Moscow, so I'm guessing this is a country-wide feature...eek. They look particularly scary when they are covered in ice and snow. Still, better than nothing?

We're still battling with the leaking bathtub this week...on Monday I had no less than 6 people here to look at the thing and try to fix it. They ended up pulling it completely out:
 Then after a few hours of work putting it back:
 And later came back to caulk it (leaving us the leftover caulk, wasn't that nice?!)

We also had painters in to take out the "lovely" pink paint in the hall yesterday:

Isn't that so much better?!
They will be back to paint the dining room another day, as well as take care of the yellow wallpaper of the "Maisy" room, but progress is progress! :)



  1. I am surprised that there is any kind of attempt to make something accessible for people that are wheelchair bound. Usually, there is nothing. NOTHING at all. How sad and scary is that? It is just a good indication as to how people with special needs are treated/viewed in the country.

    1. Yes, I was also surprised about these, maybe not so much in Moscow but definitely here...I will say I have not seen anyone in a wheelchair since I've been here, so maybe that is telling...(although seriously it's cold, snowy, and icy so maybe that makes sense! :)

  2. I'm enjoying reading of your adventures from my warm living room. Karen in Oegon USA

  3. All these pictures feel like they were taken during Russia's famous "one hour of daylight during the winter." Keep them coming!


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