Saturday, December 26, 2009

Breakfast in Honduras?

12/26/09 Chris says:

Question: Does Honduras have doughnuts - specifically Jaarsma?

Details: Had Jaarsma dutch letters and doughnut holes this morning ( Brought up an interesting question about what Hondurans will eat for a sugary breakfast.

A search on google shows the following:

- They basically say lots of different egg dishes, yummy! And, for the region in which chocolate is native - lots of different chocolate drinks.

The entry in Wikipedia for Full Breakfast has this to say about Central America...

Central America
Ingredients include ham, sausage or bacon, eggs, much like a full breakfast elsewhere. A distinguishing feature is that fry jacks are also eaten, these being fried pieces of dough, similar to beignets or sopapillas. It can also include items like toast, pancakes, or hashbrowns. Fresh orange juice is often added as a drink. Guatemala's version of the full breakfast includes fried plantains, tortillas, and refried black beans.

Unfortunately, not a lot of specific information about Honduras :(

Any of you that have specific information, feel free to post!

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  1. You can always get a BKatracho (black beans refried in lard smeared on a rancid tortilla with salty, stinky, white Honduran cheese) at the Tegu Burger King; but beware the leetle thingys that look like raisins. See:
    Coffee is grown in Hondurans, but don't expect to get any. Most places only have Nescafe.


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