Sunday, December 27, 2009

What's the Spanish phrase for "freaking out?!"


Kristen says:

Sooo, it's Day 3 with Rosetta Stone. We got the big pkg, with levels 1-5 from on Thursday, and I've zipped through the first 3 1/2 lessons of unit 1, level 1. "Un gato." "Una manzana roja." "Soy maestra." I was feeling pretty good--I know what most of the words meant, even without the pictures (thank you 2 years of high school Spanish).

But....tonight, in the car ride home from seeing "Sherlock Holmes" on the big screen (which brings up another question--will we be able to see American movies at theaters in Honduras?) we tuned into the local college radio station. At certain times Monday-Friday and all day Saturday, Drake University (my 3-time Alma mater, btw) plays college-type icky music. However, at the other Monday-Friday times and all day Sunday, Grandview University has 94.1--"For One World" world music playing--and often that music is in Spanish, as it was tonight.

Sometimes the students running the station are speaking English, or Arabic, or other languages, but the guy tonight was speaking Spanish. Beautiful, flawless, INCREDIBLY FAST Spanish. I sat there listening and realized how little of the language I truly know. "Un gato" and "Soy maestra" will not be cutting it when we get to Honduras. I only have 7 months to learn how to communicate with the person on the other end of the radio dial.

Feeling very intimidated tonight.


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  1. volviendo loco
    is something like: "going crazy"


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