Monday, December 28, 2009

Yo soy un hombre!

12/28/09 Chris says:

....or un gringo!

After work, some holiday returns/shopping and an hour of Rosetta Stone - I'm pooped. I don't know how to say that in spanish (un espanol). Yet one more thing I'll have to learn is where all the accent letters are on my qwerty keyboard - notice I didn't have the accent mark on the 'n' in espanol. I don't know if the Hondurans have a different keyboard than Americans (okay united states-ians, since in fact, Hondurans are Americans too says my wife) or the British do or not???? Let's do some searching....

<sorry for the run-on sentence above, my english teachers in junior high and high school would have put a big 'RO' next to my very poor sentence/paragraph structure above....and below for that matter>

Our trusty friend Wikipedia (sorry Rebecca) indicates that in fact for Latin texts, there are many versions of the QWERTY keyboard. I guess you learn something everyday!

Wikipedia article on Spanish (Latin America) Keyboard layout

That's all for now I suppose.....time for bed (being over a quarter century old really takes its toll). But, maybe I'll read first - who knows.

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