Monday, October 11, 2010

Day 11

Chris Says:

Things are still uncertain in the month of uncertainty.....not a whole lot of news on the PFG front.

This weekend we headed to Tiger Island for some R & R with friends from Discovery, Pip even came along. It was a blast! The island is famous for its black sand beaches from the volcanic activity. It certainly wasn't the same kind of 'luxury' that the Bay Islands were, but definitely worth the 2 hour car ride along the beautiful Honduran country side. We stayed on the Donkey Beach - Playa del Burro at Hotel Veleros (sailboat). 400 Lps ($20) for a night stay at a very comfortable, air conditioned room. When I say on - I really mean we were on the beach...really, at high tide - the water was 10 feet from the stairs that took us up to our rooms.The hotel was actually a combination hotel/restaurant....and evidently one of the better restaurants on the island. Everything I had on the menu was and shrimp...yummy!

We hung out at the restaurant and went swimming at playa del burro for the first afternoon/evening. I think I got my first jelly fish stings ever, so mark that down on the experiences list. The stings were more itchy than anything....kind of like a number of mosquito bites right in a row.... Later on,  some of us headed to the 'city' Amapala, while others stayed behind to relax - hammocks are wonderful things.

Sunday we headed over to one of the white sand beaches to catch some sun and more swimming. Unfortunately, the tide was out when we got to the beach (something this 26 year old Iowan doesn't know much about) so it was a little mucky swimming.....I didn't realize how much tides can influence how large or small the beach is. I also didn't realize that the bottom of a gulf can have like more than 3 feet of 'muck', silt or was like quicksand trying to actually walk out to the ocean - a couple times  I was knee deep in bottom of the ocean 'stuff'.

By 1pm Sunday, we were headed back to Tegus so I could work today and Kristen could relax on her day off (Columbus Day). Good weekend trip. I think the guys will be going back to conquer the mountain/volcano before the end of the year - check it out:


  1. Thanks for sharing your experiences in Honduras! We are moving to Tegus in few weeks and all you write is very interesting to me! I really enjoy reading your posts!

  2. Thanks Eli! Once you get here feel free to give us a shout-out: Believe me, we know what it feels like to be a bit overwhelmed in Tegus, and we'll be happy to answer any questions we can for you... :)



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