Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday Night Football


Kristen says...

¿Estan listos para football?

Chris and I are attempting to watch Monday Night Football (it's usually on one of the major networks, in English) but tonight the only place to find it is ESPN2 (ESPN has the baseball playoffs, and ABC/CBS/NBC all have shows like Dancing with the Stars (ICK) on). ESPN2 here is in Spanish, which is ok--while we don't understand everything, we get enough to make it worth watching.

I guess it was the first time we've really sat down to watch Monday Night Football on a Spanish channel, or at least the first time we've really been paying attention, because tonight we noticed something a little different...

Since the late 1980s Hank Williams Jr. has been the "voice" of Monday Night Football (every time it comes on Chris says, "he's been doing this forever!") ...and apparently he's "bilingual" enough to sing the iconic "Are you ready for some football?" as "¿Estan listos para football?"

I couldn't find the song in Spanish, but enjoy it here any day of the week in English! :)

Happy Monday, all! And sorry for the long blog's the end of the quarter, parent-teacher conferences are next week, we have family coming to visit on Thursday, and I'm getting ready to go out of town for a week, so time is always.

Pictures from Amapala coming soon...


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