Saturday, October 2, 2010

Day 2 - Month of Uncertainty

Chris says:

This October will be known as "The Month of Uncertainty".  On Thursday, PFG announced that within 36 months, they would discontinue their medical insurance business.

So, the past few days have been interesting. The reason we're calling October "The Month of Uncertainty" is because over the next 30 days leadership within PFG will be making decisions about projects, staff, etc as they plan out what this exit from the medical insurance business will actually look like. By November 1st, all employees of the Health Division will have some sort of information regarding their position within the company - at least that was the promise from senior management. I'm curious to see how quickly or slowly the details of all of this will actually be communicated. 

My department in particular is in an interesting position given the fact that we support both the Health and SBD areas within PFG. In other words, for you business folks out there - we have a solid line of reporting to the Health area - but a dotted line to the SBD area. The SBD business will continue (Dental, Vision, etc) and portions of the Health business will be rolled into SBD, like our Wellness area.

Unfortunately, not a whole lot of specific, detailed information is known at this point. From what I understand, likely the only people within PFG who knew about this were the board of directors and senior management....somewhere around 20 people total. All the leadership within the Health IT organization are really in the same position that the rest of the employees are.....trying to figure out what all of this actually means and deal with it appropriately.

I'm not the type of person to be pessimistic. In reality - this isn't a BAD THING in and of itself - the uncertainty about all of this is what is frustrating, etc. Not knowing much more beyond " least 30 days notice will be given if your position will be no longer needed...", and that over the next 36 months - Principal will exit the medical insurance business doesn't give many people warm fuzzies about their future within the organization or outside of the organization.

I think Kristen and I are relatively OK about all this, we can't control the decisions that are made by anyone at PFG - for the most part that is out of our hands, and it doesn't do anyone any good to worry about what could happen. I'm focused on controlling the things I can control to be prepared for the worst, but I expect no matter the outcome with regard to my position.....things will be just fine. 

To show how lighthearted we're trying to be about all this - we drew this on our whiteboard that is on our front door:

OCTOBER - MONTH OF UNCERTAINTY.......the countdown begins :)


  1. By the way: after looking at the picture on the door for the past 24 hours, I wanted to say that it should be noted that neither Chris nor I are at any way suicidal or anything remotely close to that about this or any other issue. In fact, without this stress in our lives, we are over all quite happy with the world. The hangman was simply the only way that 2 people very limited in artistic ability could think of to incorporate the number 1 into an image that conveyed our feelings about the situation. (Just in case anyone out there was at all worried about us!)

  2. I like your "Month of Joy"! December is usually the month of Joy because my birthday is on the 8th. I do share the month with Jesus, though, so I guess December is more like the month of Joy AND Jesus. Like my little tangent in your blog comments? ;) Miss you guys!

  3. I totally thought of you when I wrote that...we'll keep our fingers crossed for 2 months of Joy!! (or double-Joy, whatever works!!)

  4. It sounds like all our finger-crossing worked! It is nice to have good news.

    I heard a rumor that you are coming home in December! I am excited to see you guys.


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