Wednesday, October 27, 2010

How awesome....

Chris says: the internet? I'll say it again, how awesome is the internet?

I can listen to the playoff game of my former high school team on While Osky is behind by 7 points at the half, it sounds like there are some good opportunities in the second half!

Michelle and Nate have been here and left. Overall, a very successful trip I think. We went to Amapala and had an awesome time in the Pacific Coast! Very good pictures coming with pictures of the sunset and Pip having a blast. Monday, Nate and I went to the Rocky Patel cigar factory. Wow, what a trip! I never knew how much effort, time, etc went in to making a cigar! Whether you like cigars or not, the process is awesome to learn about. To make a cool trip even better, we were able to make our own custom blend cigars and choose the label! Pictures to come....

With Michelle and Nate's visit, I definitely felt a little homesick. I'm looking forward to December with friends and family!

Sorry for the short post, its time for the second half...GO INDIANS!

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