Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Day 5

Chris Says:

When we started this blog - I wasn't thinking this is the kind of stuff I'd be talking about.....but I guess this is part of living...it doesn't matter if its in a foreign country or not.....

Work is a bit surreal right now. We still have projects going on, etc. but its just plain weird. The need exists to continue to run the business.....but with almost every decision comes the standard question - do we need to do this, or continue to do this with the news of last week? If we continue, for how long? etc, etc. Many times, not enough information is known to say yes, or no definitively so you do what you think is right hoping that in the end, all this stuff you're working on won't just go to waste. It's mind-blowing that all the work the Health division has been doing to make things better....in the end, doesn't mean a whole bunch to Principal....but it will for United HealthCare.

No additional news to share regarding my position or future. But, I continue to work on controlling those things that I can.....and making the best decisions based on the known information.

Off of the work subject - weather in Honduras has changed over the past week or so. It's cooling off - I didn't anticipate this kind of "cool" weather. In the sun it is warm - 70s/80s, but in the shade its closer to 60ish, even lower than that at night I think. Along with this cool down (or maybe because of it), the wind has started to pick up. Gusty conditions similar to early Spring in Iowa when a storm is moving in....

Alright, enough for now...

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