Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Car is Gone!!!!

Kristen says...

Well, normally I wouldn't be so excited about not havng a car, but today I am ecstatic, because as of today I will never have to deal with a crappy 2001 Honda CR-V ever again!!!!

Yes, the car is gone! Even after all the drama, including this past weekend's issue (just a battery that wouldn't hold a charge, thank goodness), the buyer still wanted the car, so bright and early this morning I drove it over to the school, picked up the cousin of the new owner, drove myself home, handed over the key, and almost did a dance of joy!

No more CR-V! No more CR-V!
No more drama, no more fuss, no more feeling like a wuss!
No more mechanics, no more tears! No more old crappy car-related fears!

Of course, now we're sans-transportation, but since that's been the case for (I counted it up) OVER A MONTH of our 2 years here due to car problems, I think we pretty much can handle it. Taxistas rejoice!

With tidings of comfort and joy,

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