Monday, June 18, 2012


Kristen says...

Why are we so tired? If you were here with us right now you would see two half-asleep Finks on their couches trying to "recover" from Pack-Out: Day 1a...and we didn't even have to do any of the packing!

The pre-packing, however, was a process.

It started actually over a week ago, when we found out the State Department would send a crew over to pack us out, and that we wouldn't be paying for it ourselves...that's when we decided to go ahead and buy a piece of furniture that we both have been wanting for our entire two years here:
A hand-carved wooden trunk!
We love it, and got a pretty good price on it, too, if I do say so myself. The only problem stank of the chemicals they used to stain or seal it, so we did some searching on the Internet and tried various ways to remove the stink...baking soda, white vinegar, and what seemed to be the most effective...
Yep, that would be coffee!
 Apparently throwing coffee grounds (something available in abundance here) into a chest helps remove stain odors:

So we tried it out, blew the fan on it to help speed the process, and I have to say at the end of a few days it smelled much more like coffee than stain in the Fink household, so that was good! The bad part was that some of the coffee stuck to the inside of the chest, but we will take care of that when we see it again...wherever that might be...

Anyway, with all our major purchases out of the way, we were ready to be packed out...kind of. As of Friday night, everything was in its place in the apartment; clothes hanging in closets and folded in drawers, dishes in the cupboard (or the sink, if they were dirty), knick-knacks strewn appropriately about, paintings on the walls...not really appropriately placed for movers to find them...

However, by Sunday night, the clothes were packed in a second packing dry run (the first was over Semana Santa), the furniture was moved against the walls and the "things" that we're shipping out of here were strewn about in the "dining room" area of the apartment like so: 
 All my teaching stuff was in the spare bedroom:

 By this morning (Monday) it was all consolidated like this:
 So that when these arrived:
 We could do this:
 While these guys did this:
 And this is what our apartment looks like now:
All our life in 24 boxes!
Crazy! Who knew all that could fit into all those. It was actually very interesting to watch them pack; some of the items could fit into their regular boxes, but others had to have custom packaging made. They used no bubble wrap or packing peanuts, just brown and white paper and nice thick cardboard. Oh, and packing tape. Lots and LOTS of packing tape!

They will be back first thing tomorrow morning to pick the boxes up and pack them on a pallet for shipment to the storage facility...we won't see these things again until we arrive at our first post...wherever that may be...

Of course, we had plenty of time on our hands this weekend; more than enough to get ready for today...this was wholly due to the fact that OUR CAR WAS ONCE AGAIN NOT WORKING!! I'm serious, this car has been a big pain in the posterior! We were so busy packing on Saturday that we never did go anywhere, but Sunday we were going to go out for breakfast before climbing back on the packing wagon...we went down to the car, buckled ourselves in, turned the key and...nothing. Yes to the radio, no to even a hint of engine. Seriously. Did I mention we actually found someone to buy the car, someone who transferred half of the money to us over the weekend, and is giving us the rest of the money tomorrow (hopefully) when we deliver the car to them (hopefully). Right now we're waiting for the mechanic (we've been waiting on him since 8:30 this morning) to come look at the car so he can diagnose the's 3:49 PM!!!!!!!!!!! ARGH!!!!!

There are many times I am very, VERY sad to be leaving Honduras. Whenever I think about that &%(#$ can't come soon enough.

One week left!

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