Friday, June 15, 2012

My Side of the Story

Kristen says...

Well hello there! Did you miss me? My husband has been very prolific with his blog posts recently, whereas I...have been rather (unusually for me) silent. There are a few reasons for that...

1) I've been busy! Whether or not someone else is orchestrating it, moving from one country to another is NOT easy! There are lists to make, last-minute things to buy, oh, and the little matter of removing a cute 11.9 kg pooch named Pip from the country. I have now made two! trips to the airport this week alone for this very wouldn't have been so hard if, on Tuesday, the cargo office I'm coordinating with had actually given me a name and telephone number of the person I was talking to, instead of just picking up the phone for me, having me talk to a mysterious person at the other end, and then promising to send an e-mail that never any rate, with the help of a VERY nice gentleman named Franklin I got it mostly figured out today, and still had time left over to get Pip checked out by the vet theoretically Pip is set to head out with me...theoretically. Over the past two years I've learned not to count anything in Honduras as official until it is actually happening...and even then sometimes things change!

2) I'm still teaching! Ok, so technically this last week it was tutoring, and next week it's a 2-hr writing class, but still, it takes time out of my day. One of my bestest friends here taught our AP Environmental Science class, and few of her students managed not to pass her class (to be fair, I had a few that didn't pass my class either!), and so in order to be ready for their recoup test next week, one of her students asked me to tutor them for the exam...which is super-funny since my science skills are only slightly higher than my math skills...but, with a little effort on my part (and a little help from the study guide and textbook) I think I did a pretty good job...I guess we'll see if the student passes the exam next week!

3) I'm a little overwhelmed! Ok, maybe "a little" is a little of an understatement...imagine, Chris applied for the SD last August (like, the first week of school!) and we have been working, planning, hoping, and maybe even praying a little for news since then. Each e-mail and phone call (we got your application, we want you to interview, you passed your interview, your medical clearance is done, your security clearance is done, and then just over a week ago, welcome) was exciting, but we couldn't really say much about it, because at any time it could be the last thing we heard...(which was super-hard for me, let me tell you! The things I wanted to blog about! Chris was gone for an entire month in January due to the date of his interview and I barely blogged at all that month because I couldn't say anything about him being gone or the reason why. Later, we had inch-wide bruises on our arms during our medical clearance testing from our tuberculosis test (negative, btw). Fun anecdotes that aren't as funny when they're not fresh--although I do have a picture!)
  Anyway, after months of "sitting, waiting, wishing", everything is now moving really, REALLY quickly. We've only been "official" for a week+ but it seems like every morning Chris wakes me up (Oh, did I mention it's summer? ;) Tutoring doesn't start until after 10am for a reason!) two or three times with new information; packout scheduled, housing found, details that I have no say in planned...for a control freak like me (yes, I admit it, it's true) it's very hard to sit back and come to terms with the fact that I have nothing to do with any of this. Chris has to be the contact on it all!

I have to say, it is nice, in a way, but also kind of hard to swallow, especially since we've been pretty much on our own here in Honduras, making things happen in spite of everything for two years now. So this whole the-government's-in-control thing is weird! And unsettling! And kind of cool...and I'm just going to have to get used to it, and I will...but it's taking some time.

Plus we don't know where we'll be in 6+ months, which is also freaking me out! I mean, we knew we were coming to Honduras a full 7 months before we moved down here, and we're under that time frame for the next move now, and won't know for at least another 6-8 weeks...eek!


Anyway, I've been dealing with all the change and information and lack of information in the most constructive ways I can think of: see #s 1 & 2 above, and follow this link to my brand new tatting blog!

You see, with Chris back in the blog-o-sphere it's not going to be a one-woman show any more here at TeguciWhat (or whatever we decide to change the name to) so I decided that it was time to create something that I could control and plan and implement wherever we are, and also give me a place to further explore my hobby and other stuff like that there (movie reference? I don't remember).

Anyway, for those of you who liked the tatting posts but wanted to skip the travel stuff, Tatting All Over the Place is for you...for those of you who groaned when it was tatting post and like the others, stick with TeguciWhat...and for those of you who like both, check both often or subscribe via e-mail to get posts both blogs sent directly to your e-mail inbox!

But enough of that...I realize after reading this post over that it sounds like I'm complaining, and maybe I am a little, but I have to tell you, there are some things I am REALLY excited it's time to play a little good news/not so good news...

Good news: Chris and I get to meet our niece for the very first time in just under two weeks! And we get to catch up with our nephews, siblings, parents, and other family members! Yay!
Not so good news: We have to say good bye to friends, both here in Honduras and at Principal Financial Group, Chris' work home for over 7 years (in case you're keeping track, yes, that's more than the entire time we've been married and, thanks to the paid pre-senior year summer internship and afternoons of work throughout his last year of college, Chris got me a beautiful engagement ring. I don't take that lightly!) Principal has been an AWESOME company to be associated with, and I'll admit a source of stability for me the past two years...I took pride and hope that if, for whatever reason, everything collapsed in Honduras we always had Chris' job with Principal to go home to. It's a bittersweet parting, I assure you.

Good news: We get to go watch the US Olympic swimming trials in Omaha with almost my entire family while we're home! Go team!
Not so good news: Chris' class starts in DC in mid-July (ok that's actually good news, but read on, dear reader). The Olympics start in London in late-July. We cannot be in two places at the same time. Qué triste. Yes, it is true, we are forgoing our Olympic dreams for this, something that really, really, REALLY hurts...but as I keep rationalizing to myself, there will be another Olympics in 2 short years, maybe even in the country we move to... (hey, I'm a Cubs fan...eternal optimist here!)

Good news: Being in the States means I get to have all the tatting stuff I ordered today... :)
Not so good news: It was expensive! And we have to pack/ship it, perhaps to a storage facility for 5+ months...

Good news: We have an apartment in DC reserved for us, Pip can stay there with us, we will be able to catch up with many friends who live in the DC area, and Chris is excited about his new opportunity. Oh, and I get to spend 5+ months in WASHINGTON DC WITH NOTHING TO DO BESIDES VISIT MUSEUMS, WALK AROUND, AND BE IN WASHINGTON DC!!!!!!!!!
There's not really anything I can "not so good news" counter that with...6 months of museum hopping?! Seriously, be still my nerdy, history-loving heart! I already renewed my subscription to Smithsonian magazine in anticipation of July-November. Woot!!!

So, it's not all sunshine and daisies here...there are good things happening, but also things I'm sad about. I will miss Honduras, my AWESOME school, our beautiful apartment, and ESPECIALLY all the wonderful people we've met here, but I am really excited for our short trip home, an extended stay in DCland, and of course the "Great Unknown" as I call it...

I hope you'll stick around with us after our TeguciAdventure is over and our new adventure begins! There will be lots more to come, I'm sure! :)



  1. Hi guys! I've lived in both Honduras and Mexico (2 different times & 2 different cities for both countries). I love hearing about your Honduras adventures and I'm excited to keep reading as you encounter new expereinces. One of my other fav blogs is which is written from someone in the Foreign Service. She was in Honduras, then Omen and just moved to Pakistan. Hope the transitions are smooth!

    1. Thanks Melissa! It's always great to hear from our readers, and to have new blog recommendations as well! I will definitely check out Debi's blog...we're newbies to the FS so any and all perspectives are appreciated! :) KF


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