Saturday, June 2, 2012

Making Samosas!

Kristen says...

Well, my belly is full and I am smiling, because Chris and I had another fun kitchen adventure!

Last weekend we had the supreme honor of being invited over to a friend's house for Indian food...needless to say it was amazingly delicious, especially for two people who were totally starved for Indian food.

You may remember that Chris gave me a Masala Dabba for Christmas last year, and lots of nice spices to fill it up. Since then I've used the spices rather sparingly, mostly for the filling/topping of my empanadas. However, since our friend was kind enough to give us her recipe for samosas, we thought we'd better get adventurous and try them out!

So, we started with the spices. Anyone who has eaten Indian food knows what makes it special and delicious are the spices. We had to gave Garam Masala, a very popular spice mixture that you can buy already blended or make your own...or at least you can in the US. Since we are in Honduras, Garam Masala isn't readily available (or available at all), so we had to follow a recipe to make our own.

The first thing we had to do was toast a bunch of spices that start with the letter "C":

We put them in a pan and toasted them until they were a lovely shade of brown:

 After they were toasty we took the seeds out of the cardamom...

 ...and then added mace...

...and used the spice grinder to make...


By the way, I hate to bring up my own mistakes, but I thought I would pause a moment to point out the lid to my "spice" might notice that it's a little, um, cloudy? Well, did you know that cloves have an oil that etches plastic? Because it does! A few weeks ago I decided to make some delicious molasses cookies, but I only had whole cloves, so I used my trusty grinder and...promptly ruined the lid. Oops. Oh well, tonight proved that it still grinds just fine. :)

ANYWAY, enough of that. :) Back to the samosas.

After the Garam Masala was ready to go, we put the potatoes on to boil...which took a lot of time. As they were boiling away Chris chopped the onion and set it to cooking with some more cumin seeds.

 Next he added peas and carrots (and was supposed to add green beans but they make me gag so I nixed them...ICK!)

Those together cooked into this delicious mix... which we added the Garam Masala and some ground corriander.

At that point the potatoes were finally ready, so I peeled them and "cubed' them...

...and added them to the rest of the mix...

 ...which looks kind of terrible but tastes DELICIOUS! YUM!

So the samosa filling was ready, now it was time for the outside. According to our friend, most Indians she knows won't make samosas at home because the dough is super-tricky and a lot of times they don't turn out. Our friend, who used to live in Texas, said she found that regular old flour tortillas cut in half work just fine!

So we bought some and cut them in half.

 The way to make a samosa is to first create a cone...fold one side...

 ...and then the other (go figure).

To make sure it stays together you have to use edible glue (flour+water).

Once you have a lovely cone, you open it up wide...

...and stuff it chock-full of delicious samosa filling. :)

Next you close it up...

...add the edible glue...

...and then close it up tight, making a cute little triangular bundle of goodness.

Here it is with all its friends.

Which we then took all the nutrition out by deep frying it. :) This was Chris' and my first time deep-frying anything, ever. Frankly, it scared the crap out of me, having that pot of boiling hot oil that close to Chris, Pip and I...

...but it all worked out! We ended up with a plate full of delicious, deep-fried samosa goodness,which we thoroughly enjoyed for dinner tonight! :)

Here is proof:

Yeah, they're pretty good :)

Yum, right?!

So that was our fun food-adventure of the night. Now we just have to clean up the mess... :-S


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