Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Tour of Tegus (Part 2)

Kristen says...

Hello again. Snide car comments aside, (and life without a car aside) this has been our last week in Honduras and we decided that we'd better make the most of it...

Monday: Packout Day 1...the day in which the packers came and wrapped up all our stuff in multiple layers of paper and cardboard and left them stacked in a corner

Tuesday: Packout Day 2...the day in which a big truck came and took them all away

Writer's note: I can't believe this was just this past Monday and Tuesday!! It feels like such a long time ago already!

Wednesday: In the morning I went to the bank to close our went remarkably well considering...Chris is slowly weaning himself off of work, so we took the opportunity (and the afternoon) to go to all the places we haven't been the past two years. (OK, not ALL the places, but some of the places we wanted to go). So without further ado (yes, that is how you spell it, I checked) here is your second Tour of Tegus:

We started off at the one part of the city that I've wanted to see the ENTIRE time we've been here, the Basilica of's this pretty blue and white church on a hill with a big cemetery in front of it

We'd never been before because it has a bit of a reputation for being we brought our own bodyguard :)  (ok, so he's really our friend the Spanish tutor/football player/bouncer Alejandro...still, I felt better having him (and that billyclub) around)

 There are actually two Suyapa churches in town, the big blue one (above) and the smaller tan one (below). Actually the smaller one is the really dangerous one...I took this picture while still in the car, we decided not to get out...

 We were on our way downtown when I mentioned that I've never seen this:

I've heard of it referred to as the Plaza de Paz (not sure if that's its real name) but it's located up on one of the hills surrounding the city and was definitely worth the trip! It was very well taken care of by a corp of firefighters and gave really beautiful views of the city.

For example:

This church and the area in front of it were burned in a really big fire a few months ago...the hill behind it used to have houses on it, but they were all swept away when The Mitch sad!
If you didn't notice it in the picture above, here is the National Soccer Stadium
Thanks for the great two years, Honduras!
 Next we decided to head downtown to see something we've actually already seen, but with a twist...this time we got to take pictures with the real camera (remember the bodyguard above?)

This globe is supposed to mark the exact center of Tegus and is the 0 KM mark for the roads that leave the city
Here's the globe in context, in front of one of the downtown cathedrals
We also thought it would be fun to get a few more pictures with the things on the back of the Honduran money...lucky for us, these two are located right next door to each other!
The Central Bank of Honduras (front) and former Presidential House (back)

 On our way home we passed an old wrecked building that Alejandro (now in tour-guide mode, since we were back in the car) said was an old jail that was flooded during The Mitch and left to rot...

 We also passed this truck...hahahahahahahahaha!!!

 It was a great day!

Thursday and Friday: Very low-key days. I taught an English writing class Tues-Fri for two hours in the morning, and Chris stayed home to work. On Thursday I picked up Pip's leave the country papers and got in touch with the the cargo company that is shipping him to make what I hoped were final preparations...wouldn't it have been nice if they'd told me before that I needed to pay for his flight in cash?!

So the past three days we've gone to the mall to take money out of our US accounts to pay for that...good times.

We've also taken in a couple of movies (they are sooo much cheaper down here than in the US!) We saw 21 Jump Street (not really that great) and American Reunion (also not terribly awesome--but both were pretty funny).

What is particularly funny about our movie choices is that this weekend is our 10-year class reunion. Clearly we're not there (and honestly wouldn't have gone even if we'd been in the States (Chris and I graduated HS together, FYI) but American Reunion inspired me to revisit another reunion-movie, Romy and Michele's High School Reunion, which I have now watched twice in the past two days...hil-arious! Probably combined those two movies are better than a real reunion anyway?

This morning we had breakfast with a friend and then went to the mall to try to disconnect our cable and Internet...obviously that was a failure, considering I'm going to be able to post this in a minute or two...turns out that only one person can authorize cable disconnection...and of course that person doesn't work on Saturday...because obviously Saturday isn't probably the most convenient day for someone to try to disconnect their cable...GAH!!!!

We also had lunch with some other friends...I'm not sure I ever want to eat again... :)

Anyway, our departure from Honduras in eminent...who knows, our next post might even be Stateside!?

Thanks so much for following our Honduran Adventure...I hope you're excited to stay tuned for the next chapter! :)



  1. I've enjoyed your Honduran Adventure. It's been fun for me and I'm looking forward to your future adventures. Thank you for letting me tag along. Best wishes to you. Karen in OR

    1. Thanks, Karen! I can't wait until we know where we're going next...!

  2. What an amazing experience! Where does the time go? I'm sure your families are looking forward to having you back in the states for now. Best of luck with your move and next adventure!

    1. I think they'd better visit us in our next "exotic" locale! :)


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