Monday, July 26, 2010

1st day of working remotely

Chris Says:

.....and oh what a day.....

Many more like this and I don't think I'll be working remotely.

Got up early - 5:30 Tegus time so that I could be working by 6 (7 Iowa time). Successfully logged in by 7 and started on email. I had some 'sporadic network failures' until about 10:30. All in all, Got though all of last week's email and figured out what I needed to do for the rest of the week. A fairly successful morning. However, the afternoon started with badness :( It seems Cable Color (my communications provider for VOIP, Internet and Digital TV) was having significant problems today. To rub salt into the wound, this is the 1st time I've experienced this instability since I've been here - go figure, my first day back to work and I can't get a freakin' stable connection. To make matters worse, this afternoon there was an application problem, and I was needed to help resolve......grrrrrrrrrrrrr!

I called into Cable Color and they indicated they had been having issues for the past few days......I hope they are getting all the kinks worked out because many more like today and I'll be talking to a different provider and/or we won't be spending much more time in Tegus :(

In hindsight, it wasn't horrible - just VERY frustrating. Usually, sporadic network connectivity issues won't be a total catastrophe until I'm on-call.....and if it happens then......that will really not be good :(

Should be getting our Crack Berries tomorrow - I've been told they have international data service (meaning they can be texted from the US - not email...SMS). I'm keeping my fingers crossed the plan actually has that and it won't be an uphill battle to get it.

Alright, that wasn't a nice 5 sentence was more of a ramble for my 1st day - I'll work on getting better tomorrow.

Remote Working Lesson Learned: Today, I learned that I need to have a backup connectivity solution. I'll be working on getting a cellular card in case Cable Color continues to have issues :(

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