Saturday, July 31, 2010

Welcome to August...flat tires and Spanish subtitles

1/8/10 (haha that seems so funny to me, because here it is 82 degrees in August, and I'm using a date format VERY similar to my post on January 7 of this year...)

Kristen says...

Hello, August! And hello to flat tires #2 ... and ... wait for it ... #3! :(

Yep, we woke up this morning, went down to the car to attempt to drive to school (first time ever, it was going to be an adventure) and, CRAP. Two flat tires. Both passenger side tires are completely flat; the one that was flat on Friday, and now the front one as well. Seriously. ARGH!

I'm interested to see what the guys at the garage say tomorrow about what's causing it. (We have a sneaking suspicion that the front tire's demise came from an unfortunate issue that one of us [not saying who] had yesterday while attempting to parallel park at Mayoreo.) I'm a little concerned that the back tire is just shot--we knew when we bought the car that the tires would have to be replaced eventually, but we didn't think it would be this soon. It's possible that the plug from Friday got knocked loose because it was actually thicker than the (not quite) bald tires, but we might also have a new problem...either way, ick.

Luckily the school was already planning to pick me up for the next two days because we start new teacher orientation tomorrow! (Ask me in a week/a month/a quarter if I'm still excited about this. :) So, Chris and Wilmer will have to deal with the tire problem while I'm at school. As long as we have 4 fully-inflated tires on Wednesday when Pip gets here, everything will be ok!
Of course, being without a car today is cramping our style a bit. We've really been doing a lot of be-bopping around the city the last few days. Just yesterday we went to Mayoreo for the 3rd time (more and more successful every time we go), then to the Multiplaza to cancel our Amnet cable service (not because we had any problems with it, but because they didn't have a service that is essential to Chris actually being able to work down here), then to the Amnet HQ, where you actually have to go to cancel your service (I'm particularly proud of this, we didn't know where it was, but were given directions (in Spanish) and a hand-drawn map by the helpful person at the Amnet store in the mall and were able to find it on the first try!!!), and then out for a pizza dinner, then to another mall, El Dorado, to get cash from the ATM. Being "stuck" inside is a little sad, not that I guess we need to go anywhere...I guess it's just knowing that I can't that sucks.

Speaking of the Multiplaza, we went to our first movie in Honduras on Friday night. Going to movies was one of our favorite things in the US, but it is a different experience here. First of all, the price. Chris and I went to Encuentro Explosivo, (which, if you want my opinion, was a pretty good movie, but in my opinion had a crap-tastic ending) and paid a whopping 65 Lempira per ticket (total cost: less than $7...for both tickets). A coke and a bottle of water (albeit a bit smaller than you'd get in the US, but still very adequate) cost another 58 Lemp. Total cost: just about $10.

The theater (or sala, as they call them here) itself was the size of a smaller theater in the US, the screen was average size. The seats...leather, with a bit of give in the back so you're slightly reclining. Nice. They assign you your seats when you buy your tickets, and show you on the screen what seats you're getting so you can pretty much pick where you sit.

While we were waiting in line (a little confusing when there are 4 of them you have no idea which is for your movie), we met another US couple living here, and had the happy coincidence of having seats right next to each other in the theater. As my father-in-law would say, "It's a goucher."

The movie was in English, but with Spanish subtitles. I was a little disappointed, we actually were going to see Despicable Me, a movie I have been looking forward to since the original trailer with the bratty kid popping the pyramid, but it was in Spanish (it's called Mi Villiano Favorito here,) and I'm not sure how much I would actually understand. It was pretty interesting to see the movie poster with names other than Steve Carell and Julie Andrews. Apparently most family-style movies down here are presented in Spanish (meaning all animated movies are re-recorded and movies like The Sorcerer's Apprentice and The Last Airbender are given voice-overs in Spanish). Just one more impetus to learn Spanish...and really, at a cost of $3.50, maybe watching movies in Spanish is a good way to start to understand?

Anyway, sorry for the ramble. Enjoy your first days of August...I hope you can get out and go to a movie, and hopefully you are flat tire-free! :)


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  1. You must’ve have had bad luck that day. Sometimes, even if you make sure that your tires are in good condition, you just couldn’t avoid incidents like this. So how were Chris and Welmer as a tandem in replacing those flat tires? I haven’t encountered any tire problem in the past two years and I’m not saying that I want to. Hehe. I wish that I’ll be forever flat tire-free. Hahaha!


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