Friday, July 30, 2010

Week 1 of Work

Chris says:

I think week 1 working remotely was a success. Not perfect, but on the other hand, not too bad. After the Monday glitches - Cable Color seems to have everything worked out. In fact, yesterday - a guy came over to make sure everything was working exactly as it should - he even gave me additional IP addresses so I can have multiple computers (connected via my switch and not the wireless device) online at the same time. In addition, because I have a dedicated link now, I have a very cool GUI I can log into to see the performance of the link (ok, as a geek, its cool - others may not find it so cool). Just had a successful test for my paging capabilities this afternoon, so that was also very good! I hope week after week, things continue to get better and better. I've got to say, after 3 weeks off (which is the most time I've ever taken off consecutively) - the first week back was a success.

On to a different topic - this is now the longest amount of time I've spent internationally. I think getting back into the swing of things with work has helped me get out of the vacation mindset and into a daily routine - and I'm starting to realize that this will be my life for the next couple of years :)

I knew when we decided to do this there would be pros and cons with me working at home - and I knew one of the biggest things I was going to miss was my daily interaction with my friends (who are also my co-workers) at PFG. A week into it, and it is definitely true. It's really just the little things, stopping by a desk to see if someone is up for lunch, going for breakfast at Baby Boomers or Mr. Filet.....knowing inside jokes, or hanging out at The Royal Mile for a drink after work. I guess my challenge is going to be how to keep up on all the things that happen with those types of regular interactions when you're physically present.

All that said - I'm looking forward to all the challenges....both personally and professionally - now its time for the weekend!

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