Thursday, July 1, 2010

Things I Will Miss


Kristen says...

Well, we are officially out of our Des Moines apartment and officially moved home to Oskaloosa for the next 4 days. Well, we really came home Monday night, but then I went up Tuesday night to attend a midnight showing of a little movie called "Eclipse" with some friends (I thought the 60-second trailer for Harry Potter 7 [parts 1 and 2] was better than the movie) and came home late last night, and Chris got the rest of the stuff out of the apartment, so it really is official now.

So this whole moving to Honduras thing is really happening! I am excited, and nervous, and ready, and not ready all at once. I have been thinking today about things and I am excited about, and things I will are the things I will miss, in no particular order:

1. Family: ...OK that one really is #1. I spend A LOT of time with my family, and it is big. I am #2 of five kids, and 4 of us are married, plus my sister is expecting the first grandbaby. We are big, loud, and spend a lot of time together. I know I will have Skype, Facebook, and the Internet, but I will still miss being just an hour away from everyone.

2. Friends: We have so many friends, and have been trying to spend even a little time with them all lately. We have invited them all to come visit us...hopefully some of them will take us up on it.

3. Iowa: So that's obvious, and a little to broad: let's break it down:

a. The countryside/barns/corn/haystacks/ruralness. View the following pictures:

Seriously? Who wouldn't miss that?

b. The Iowa State Fair: It's always 10 days in August, it's always hot, it's always expensive. But it's also ALWAYS awesome! If you talk to me from August 12-22, don't be surprised if I'm a little grumpy that I'm not in Iowa!
<- My sister and I at the "Corn Dog Chomp". Corn Dogs are one of the myriad of foods available on a stick at the Fair. -> My sentiments exactly!! :)

c. The East Village in Des Moines: Chris and I lived in the EV the ENTIRE time we've been married, up until now. After Tuesday, we will have lived together 2 places, Des Moines, and Tegucigalpa. Of course it has a soft place in my heart. While I didn't like everything about it (I'm talking to you, icky Locust Tap!), there were many, MANY things I adored: Baby Boomers, Jett and Monkey's, East Village Spa, Westrum Optometry, these were just a few of the many fine establishments I frequented over the past four years. Plus, I got to wake up to this every morning:

d. Des Moines: Different from the EV, because the EV is only one small part of Des Moines. I really didn't think I liked Des Moines all that well, but it really is a great little city...picturesque, as well. With it's river walk, museums, beautiful gold-domed capitol (above--yes, it is really gold), Des Moines is a great place to live. I will really miss it, and the new sculpture garden on the west side of downtown:

Above: Last years' 4th of July celebrations in Des Moines
<- Nomade, the sculpture that started it all 4. Snow, ice, and cold: OK, hear me's not that I'll miss the coldness as much as how pretty snow and ice can be. Plus, sledding is fun!!

<-A frozen leaf during one of our epic Iowa ice-storms -> A snowy statue of Abraham Lincoln and his son at the Capitol

5. Yearly Events: Obviously I already talked about the fair, but that is only part of the fun that I have every year in Iowa!! Winter brings Winterfest at the Amana Colonies, where you can experience the World's Largest Handmade Rocking Chair and participate in ham-tossing, snowball launching, beard, and cross-cut saw competitions. In the spring there is always the Drake Relays, (which, incidentally, I ran at in High School and reported on during College). Summer is the Fair, and fall = FOOTBALL!!!! It is like a never-ending cycle of fun and things to look forward to! (Or things to be sad to miss)



Above: Chris in the ham-putting contest, and getting ready to saw wood with my brother-in-law Nate
Below: High Jump at the Relays, and (#52) Lolo Jones, hometown hero and Olympic athlete...believe it or not, I beat her at the State Track Meet in High School...

6. So many things I can't even think of yet! I know I will miss so much, and yet, I have so much I'm looking forward to....

But that will have to wait for tomorrow. (Well, ok, today, as it's 12:30 AM here!)

I'll leave you with a last, beautiful picture of rural Iowa:

OK, world travelers and blog followers: what else do you think I will miss when I'm gone?

Until later,


  1. My guess is that will be various foods you might miss, though you will probably have more access to some "exotic" foods (like pretzels!) in Teguz than here in Santa Rosa.

    But I really miss rhubarb and asparagus, especially fresh from a friend's garden.

    I don't miss pizza because there's a great pizzaria here in Santa Rosa, Weekend's Pizza, which can hold its own against most pizza places in the states. (You'll have to come visit to enjoy it.)

    My other guess is access to books in English (though you can always borrow from me and some friends in Gracias - Dubuque Iowa Franciscan sisters.)

    What else?

  2. You will miss some things and will experience many new things to fill in the gaps. We'll do our best to keep the home fires burning for you until you return.

  3. Josh @ Jett and Monkey&#39;sJuly 15, 2010 at 10:12 AM

    Kristen- we'll miss you and Pip too! We hope you have a great time in Honduras! :)


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