Thursday, July 29, 2010

Another Day...

Chris Says:

Today, things went very well as far as my actual work tasks/activities go. Internet good, stable, fast. I am not quite done with everything that needs to be done, but I will sign on later tonight (just like I did in the States) and finish up some things. I am frustrated and probably more nervous about the last facet of my job that I feel I truly need to prove out will work internationally, ON-CALL. I am trying to be positive - its my nature (thank you friends and family who influenced me when I was younger). I do tend to get frustrated though when things don't just happen like I hope and expect they will.

Paging (getting notified any time of day by some electronic device) is a necessary part of my current position with Principal Financial Group. Right now, it is proving to be a little tricky in one way or another. The fact is that the paging in and of itself can happen - and will. The frustrating parts are: 1- time and 2 - a lot options to choose from, none of them are a complete slam dunk. A slam dunk would be guaranteed delivery at no (or no additional cost) to PFG or myself. However, each one of the 4 or 5 options available to me have their own unique positives and negatives. In addition, I am supposed to be on-call next week, and I'm disappointed in myself that it won't happen. I have to rely on my awesome team - and I feel like I've already relied upon them for so much already while I've been out of the office working to set things up down here. I dislike - immensely - being an inconvenience to people....or by doing something - making someone else's life more difficult. (By the way, all of my team mates - I hope you're reading this - and you guys...and gal are AWESOME)

As I am sitting here, re-reading this post....I am realizing a couple of things about my current situation:
*Things aren't ever as bad, or as good as they may seem.
*I am a lucky guy,..........When my biggest frustration of the day is what is the best option to get paged when on-call.....I have had (or made) it a GREAT day. It's actually sort of petty (if that's the right word), I now live in one of the poorest countries in the world (or so I've been told). But, I have my health, my family and friends, plenty of food and water, a beautiful place to live in, etc....there are kids 50 feet from our front door living in an orphanage.

I can't say I've gone to meet the kids in the orphanage yet, but I think I'll do that this weekend. Maybe I can help them with something and they can help me with Spanish!

Alright - that's enough for now. I think this blog thing - at least today is helping me to relax and reflect....which is part of why I wanted to have this blog - to reflect about life in Honduras.

I don't want to get all mushy on you readers....but feel free to take a second to comment about what was frustrating for you today....if you think about it for a second and write it down, you may find maybe your world isn't so frustrating. Think about it.

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  1. It was frustrating to me today when I got to the USDA office to certify Pip, and BOTH people who can do it had just gone to lunch! I had a dog in the car and had to wait 45 minutes! Oh well! I went to Spagetti Works, ate lunch, and charged it to Kristen Fink! Not bad!


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