Tuesday, August 10, 2010

#1 BEST reason why the dishes are still dirty...

Kristen says...

Now, to clarify, these aren't the pupusa dishes from Saturday. These are the dishes from tonight's dinner, (delicious homemade nachos) and from I think Chris' lunch today, and maybe his lunch yesterday.

You see, I have been a bit busy lately (no, this isn't my reason, this is the backstory), and so I've been a bit of slacker and not done the dishes every night like I like to.

I'm busy because tomorrow is the first day of school with kids, so I have been planning, and stewing, and stressing, and thinking, and pretty much anything else but cleaning and doing dishes. (Sorry Chris). It's hitting me that this is my second-first day of school, but the first time going in knowing pretty much none of my students (I know just one by sight, and I don't have her until the last period of the day.) Thus, it is 9:43 and I'm too jazzed to go to bed...so I decided to release the stress a bit and wash the mound of dishes piled by the sink.

I sorted the dishes (silverware, plates and bowls, cleaner other, and the most dirty) and started to fill the sink. Immediately I noticed that the water pressure was not as good as usual (I've really been impressed with the water pressure here), and it didn't get hot as quickly as usual (also I have been impressed with how quickly the water gets hot--in fact, in the shower, it's a daily battle to get my showering completed without getting scorched). I filled the sink about a quarter of the way full, started to was the silverware, and noticed the pressure steadily shrinking. Within a minute or two, the water was completely gone.

Chris was Skyping with his mom so I went in and broke the news, and started to wonder...why did our water go away? It's the middle of the rainy season, so I didn't think it was a lack of water issue (in fact, we've had rain both of the last two days). I decided (friendly Iowan that I am) to run across the way (18-foot walls on either side, don't worry) and ask our neighbors if they had water...I knocked on 3 different doors before I got anyone to answer, but the people on the other side definitely did "tiene agua." Argh.

I started to freak out that maybe we hadn't paid our water bill, so maybe the water was off for that reason...and then I started to think, oh crap, school starts tomorrow, and I'm going to end up going to school without a shower, washing my hair, anything. Plus, none of the other new teachers have transportation, so not only do I want to be early for my first day, I'm also driving halfway across the city to pick them up (which is fine, I don't mind, I will just be leaving a bit earlier than usual)...but add no shower stress to picking up other people stress, plus first day of a new school stress...I'm pretty sure Chris wouldn't want to deal with that in the morning!

Anyway, I decided to go find Wilmer and ask him. I thought maybe he would be in his apartment, but he was outside talking to the 2 night guards down the road. He came over and looked at the water tank for the other building...full.

Then he came over to our water tank. When he rapped on it, it reminded me of Dorothy knocking on the Tin Man's chest in The Wizard of Oz...empty. Relief! We did pay our bill! I felt much better...until I remembered that if it stayed empty, I still wouldn't get my AM shower.

Wilmer went back out and called in one of the night guards. He was a very nice man, with a beautifully decorated leather sheath around a gigantor machete. So I had Wilmer with his gun, and this other gentleman with his machete. I felt very safe. While Wilmer and another guy looked at the water tank, the security guy and I made small talk (in Spanish)! I told him I was a teacher, and that tomorrow was my first day of school. He asked me if I was a tourist, and it didn't make much sense to him that no, I actually live here. Wilmer helped me explain.

Anyway, Wilmer made a few calls, and told me the water would be back on in veinte minutos (20 min), and this blog posting must have taken me that long, because he just called up on the intercom and the water is back on...phew! Crisis averted!

So that's the fantastic reason why my dishes are still dirty...and they're going to stay that way, because I'm going to bed. I have to be peppy and fun tomorrow, I'm a middle school teacher!

I'll let you know how it goes...


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