Monday, August 2, 2010

New friends and more car trouble...

Kristen says...

Well, I joined Chris in the working world today, with my first "full" day at the school. I say "full" in quotes because I wasn't really at the school for very long...the driver was supposed to come pick me up at 7:25...and arrived at 7:05 (and, oh, by the way, I set my alarm to go off at 6:30 PM instead of 6:30 AM so I'd only been up for about 15 minutes when he got here)...oops. Needless to say I had to ask them to wait a few minutes so I could finish getting ready.

Chris was REALLY awesome and supportive today...he didn't make me feel rushed and he even packed my bag and filled my water bottle for me. What a great guy! :)

After the driver picked me up we drove to two other parts of the city to pick up the other 3 new teachers. I won't give any personal details or names here, because I don't want to talk about them unless they want me to, but after spending the day together, I have to say the incoming teacher class this year is AWESOME! I think we are all going to get along great. We all are bringing different strengths and interests to the school, but we have a lot of things in common, as well. Hopefully I will post more about our new friends in the future.

After a quick meeting/chat about the philosophy and curriculum at the school and a tour (I'd already been there, but it was fun to experience it with the new teachers and to see them in their rooms) we left to go out to lunch. We went to a good gourmet sandwich restaurant just down Blvd. Los Proceres, the best part of which (besides the conversation) was the appetizer...samosas!!! (More on that in a bit.)

Speaking of the conversation, I was introduced to a new (sport? activity? I don't know what to call it) called Hash today, which apparently includes walking or running after a "rabbit" that leaves clues for you, includes whistles and nicknames, and, once you finish, you participate in drinking games? I may be wrong about some of those details but it sounded pretty good until the whole drinking game thing...maybe I can do the walking and Chris can do the drinking? Anyway, here is a website I found about it...Hash House Harriers

After lunch we went to Las Cascadas, a mall with a huge Wal Mart, neither Chris nor I are fans of Wal Mart in the States. (We're more Target people, to tell you the truth, mostly because Wal Mart is SOOOO SLOW! You cannot get in and out in less than 10 minutes. It's impossible.) Apparently this annoying feature carried over to their subsidiary stores in Latin was crazy-slow! At one point (with, I kid you not, a 10-person line) the cashier started counting 500 Lempira bills and bundling them...because she couldn't have done that at another time?!

One of the teachers in our group (3 of the 4 of us, by the way, had just arrived in Honduras yesterday, one from the US and two from the UAE via Poland and Canada, so obviously they were all tired) wanted to buy a laundry basket (of course), but happened to pick up one without a price tag on it. Our lovely cashier put on her "help me" light, it took FOREVER to get someone over, and that someone proceeded to head back to "basketland" as Cristiana called it, without the original basket. And then, because she hadn't taken the basket with her, she came back with another, completely different and much more expensive basket, so then she had to go back... Anyway, it took forever, but it gave us time to bond! :)

After the trip to not-quite Wally World, the driver came and took us all home. Because I live closest to the school, I got dropped off last, and Christopher was already done with work and working on his daily blog post. We decided to attempt to drive over to school (having been foiled at that on Sunday by flat tires #2 and #3 [they were caused by nails, again!, FYI]), and proceeded out.

It all started so well...I was driving, Chris was navigating, and we were on the right road. Then, I noticed it...the dreaded bright orange check engine light. Sigh. Of course, we were cruising (read: 40 kilometers/hr) on the Anillo Periferico at that point, so we couldn't just like, pull off and call someone like we would in the states, so we basically took the next exit, pulled a u-turn, and got back on the Anillo going back the other way. (Coincidentally, I got off at the exact exit and made the exact u-turn I will be making every morning when I go to school...another goucher, J!)

We made it home, and Chris popped the hood. The good thing was that there was no steam or smoke pouring out of the engine. The bad thing was that when we pulled out the oil dipstick, the only thing there was some gummy black gunk. Oook. Wilmer, ever-helpful and smiling, popped his head around the hood and started looking at the engine. Turns out our coolant was almost completely empty, and our oil, although not as bad as first glance, was definitely lower than it should be. So, Chris and Wilmer took off in a taxi to buy oil and antifreeze, and I went back up to the apartment to read gossip blogs on the Internet. Lesson of the day: ALWAYS check engine fluid levels BEFORE you buy a car, not after driving it for two weeks. (BTW, the check engine light is now off).

After the car drama I started to have computer drama. I was Skyping with my mom, then one brother and another, and during the third call I kept losing connection. This wasn't the biggest computer fan started going REALLY fast, something I've been noticing a lot lately, and at one point I got a really nasty message in 4 languages telling me (not asking, telling) that I "had to restart my Mac immediately." Ick. So, of course, I did...but it was still really hot. I've also noticed some problems with the times it goes green and pink lines. Now, I hate the color pink under normal circumstances, but when it is messing up my computer screen, it's really bad. Hopefully this problem rights itself or my computer-techie husband can work his magic and fix it. Otherwise, we might have to head to the new Mac store at the Multiplaza and invest in something new... :-S

Now on to happier subjects. I mentioned the samosas earlier...which brings me to my question. Those of you who live in Tegucigalpa or Honduras: do you know of any Indian restaurants in the city? (Or even outside the city?) Indian food has been some of Chris' and my favorite food since 2007 when we thought we might be moving to Singapore (I cried for 3 days when I heard we weren't going), and the samosas today, while good, only fueled my desire for a good old pea and potato-based curry dish.

So, can you help us out? I might even take you out for Indian food if you can point me in the direction of a restaurant down here...


PS: Pip will be here in 2 days!!! 48 hours from right now I will have my baby back! :)

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  1. Sorry - I haven't seen or heard of any Indian places here. Let me know if you find something!!!


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