Friday, August 13, 2010

Long time

Chris Says:

No postings by me this week - I've been slacking! Busy week with work and after work in Honduras...

*Finally get Blackberries, hoooray!

*Unfortunately figure out I can't make U.S. calls on Blackberry - :( But problem can be solved....just have to go to Tigo and have them enable it.

*1st haircut in Honduras - successful! (see picture below) Only cost 100 Lps ($5.00)
*Also got some good Cuban Rum and Honduran coffee liquor!

*Relax at home

*Posting to the blog!
*No idea what the plan is tonight....looking at the apartment, we need to clean it up....

Special Note: Not only is it scorching in our homestate of Iowa - but there is major flooding as well! And, last but not least - the Iowa State Fair started the other day. All of you Iowans need to have some corn dogs and root beer for me!


  1. Your haircut looks good!! It is pouring rain again here in Oskaloosa. We are in our own tropical rain forest right here in Iowa. Be a good boy!!

  2. You got a raw deal on the haircut - or Tegucigalpa is just more expensive than here in Santa Rosa. My haircuts (what little hair I have) are only 50 lempiras.


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