Monday, August 16, 2010

Enjoying the experience!

Chris says:

I really am enjoying everything about living and working in Honduras! Even the challenges that we've faced have been 'enjoyable'. To me, those frustrations and challenges are what make this a fun experience, and something that we'll be influenced by for the rest of our lives. If everything about living abroad was easy - everyone would do it. I'll say it again, its the challenge that makes this fun!

Today was another great day of work, making progress - and seeing that progress being made towards a goal is energizing. Working remotely continues to be a little surreal because contrary to some of my expectations, I still feel fairly connected to my friends and co-workers at PFG. Its definitely not the same as being in the office - but the challenge is to figure out how to communicate effectively in this different paradigm. While I can't physically be in the same space communicating in Des Moines, Iowa - I can find ways to get similar results using the different communication tools I DO have. The use of instant messaging, voice and video capabilities and a voice over IP phone in addition to a big, dedicated internet connection here at home means that so far, I've continued to be able to remain 'in touch' with important things at work.

Everyday is an adventure, everyday I feel a little more confident (a little) in my Spanish speaking capabilities. Everyday, I catch onto a couple words or phrases to use. Pip continues to get used to living here...we've been slowly getting him back into the habit of going into his kennel. After the flight - I don't think he was too happy with us or his kennel and the first time we tried to leave him in his kennel he barked and howled like it was torture. We ended up not leaving him alone - but I'm hopeful we'll soon be able to without issue. If that can happen, this weekend we'll go exploring more. There is a town to the east of us - Valle de Angeles that is supposed to be awesome! I can't wait to get more culture and continue getting used to what it means to live abroad :)

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  1. Just saying hello..... My wife Lori and I live here in Teguc and have been here 2 1/2 years. She has a non-profit and I work with her as well as with other non-profits assisting the poor. Would love to get together for dinner and a drink sometime. Always good to meet others living here and enjoying the experience!

    Call if I can answer any questions or help with anything at all.... 9858-5397.

    Mark Connell


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