Friday, August 20, 2010

Estoy Lleno

Chris says:

I am FULL! Criollos may be my new favorite eating establishment in Tegucigalpa! Although, I've got to admit - we haven't been to a lot yet.....

Very good, and I think a little expensive as Honduran restaurants go - but it was worth it for the experience. We started out with homemade chips and beans/quesillo mix on a terra cotta warming plate (I forgot to take pictures) - but it was very cool. They put charcoals inside what looks to be a handmade 'vessel'. On top of the charcoals is a little plate of beans with quesillo on top. It was great, beans and cheese warm and yummy! I also had some cerveza! Barena (a local brew) and then Corona with lime, very good too! The main dish for Kristen consisted of bean soup, with quesillo and some corn tortillas. Inside the soup were various sliced vegetables like onion, green pepper, etc. I had a 'carne tipico' or typical meat plate which consisted of beans and rice (possibly the best I've ever had), wonderful steak - very well seasoned, an egg (or 2) which seemed to be scambled - but didn't resemble the scrambled eggs I'm used to - and last but not least some fried plantans with butter on top! I'm sorry to say I couldn't finish the whole thing! But, it was absolutely delicious!

Aside from the great meal - Pip stayed in his kennel without too much barking! He whined and wimpered a little when we put him in there but all and all - a lot better than it was 2 days ago.

What a great start to the weekend!

Any locals reading the blog....where should we eat next?


  1. I've heard Criollos is really good, but still haven't tried it even after 2 years...maybe I'll finally go this weekend and give it a try. :)

    Since the only thing to do in this city is go out to eat :), I can give you a run down of my favorites. (Now I don't know if I have expensive taste or if all the good places just happen to be expensive, but all of these places are pretty expensive for Tegus...)
    -El Patio is famous for their local food. I love their "anafre" (the terra cotta warming plate thing...)
    -For sushi, I love Usami, but my husband loves Nobu.
    -Ni Fu Ni Fa has the best steak, but I've heard El Corral also is great.
    -Tito's is a famous local pizza place (it's next to McDonalds on the Blvd Morazan).
    -Gino's (Italian) is hands down the best restaurant in Tegus, but it's very expensive and they have strange hours. (It's in the "hotel district" near Hotel Maya and across from Plaza San Martin.)
    -Vie de France has incredible pastries.

    That's all I can think of now.....let me know if you want directions to any of these places!

    Buen provecho!!

  2. We bring all our volunteer groups to Criollos when they first arrive. Good Honduran food. A favorite of ours. Others....

    Carnitas.... hole in the wall near the National Stadium (on the south end). Best tipico

    Don Gocho.... right next to the Honduras Medical Center.

    Coco Baleadas.... across from Midas near The Clarion Hotel.

    El Gordo.... platos tipicos (multilple locations) usually go to the one on Morazan.

    Casa Mexicana.... great fajitas.

    The above are all very reasonably priced (under $10).

    A little more on the pricy side....

    La Creperia.... incredible crepes, best desserts (Bananas Foster is amazing).

    Ni Fu Ni Fa.... Argenine steak house, great salad bar and the best meats.

    Rojo, Verde y Ajo.... Best Italian in town although Gino's is also very good.

    Nobu.... great sushi and thai.

    Usami.... great sushi and japonese.

    There are countless others. There is no shortage of good eating in the city.

  3. Hannah and Mark - thanks for ALL the suggestions! We will definitely begin to get out more in the coming weeks and I can't tell you how much we appreciate the suggestions! Back in Iowa we really enjoyed going to restaurants to try different things! I consider myself a little bit of a foodie and love to experience the different tastes of different cultures, etc. And Mark, thanks for the phone number - we'll get ahold of you and meet up sometime I'm sure! In addition, I'm interested in volunteering and it looks like you and your wife have some great opportunities for me to do so. Thanks again for the help!

  4. My favorite all round place is Amanda's. The prices vary from reasonable to expensive. They just expanded, but I still like the original dining room in the rear. They have an outside terrace in the front, but let's face it, Tegucigalpa is not Paris, so what's the point.

    The food runs the gambit, but I like their Hummous, kibbeh, and Sandwiches. My kids like their pastas and desserts. I've never tried their meat dishes.

    It's next door to Rojo, Verde y Ajo.

  5. I ate at Amanda's! It was our first day of school this year, the principals took us there. It was very good. We sat on the terrace outside, so we could see Rojo, Verde y Ajo. That is the only place I've found any Indian cuisine in the city, they had some samosas on the menu.

    Thanks for all these great suggestions, we are going to have to eat out more! (oh, darn ;)


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