Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Chris Says:

Everyone is here! Picked up Pip this morning/afternoon from the airport. All I can say is - what a trip (it seems to me like we could say that whenever we leave the apartment these days.....).

Easy/Positive things:
*I tracked Pip's flight via the Internet. And, not just departure arrival times - they had a map showing GPS location of the airplane throughout the flight. (better than people tracking)
*Flight from Atlanta to Tegus left early and arrived early.
*Wilmer and I arrived at the airport in plenty of time, it was probably 20 minutes or so before the flight actually landed.
*Everyone was very helpful throughout the entire process...

Difficult/Frustrating things:
*My Spanish is lacking - but I was getting by...
*Wilmer and I walked back and forth numerous times from the terminal to the cargo area - I don't think there is any wise person that knows how everything should work - we talked to lots of people and each time, got a new clue for how we could actually pick Pip up.

The rest of the story:
*Finally, we went to the security station to pick up a badge for Wilmer. It was basically saying he had a reason for being back in the arrival area where folks internationally go to claim their bags and get through customs. The security person was saying she would only allow one of us a badge and Wilmer and I decided that because his Spanish is better - that was the best choice.
*Wilmer goes back to the customs area where we actually were at about 4 weeks ago - 15 minutes or so later, he comes back saying that we needed veteranary papers with vacination stuff, etc on it - I told him the papers should be on top of the kennel - but he was saying they weren't (grrrrrrr......).
*I get a little frustrated, call Christiana and work to get ahold of Kristen.
*Eventually, I get a hold of Christiana - she said she was gonna call her Vet.
*Wilmer and I both decide to go back to the customs area - turns out - the security guy with the wand let me through. I think in this situation - it was good to be from the States (and be bigger than the guy with the wand too). He took a look at me, checked to make sure I didn't have any weapons, asked to see my passport and let me pass.
*I see Pip in his kennel, just laying down in the back of it - I say, "Hi Pip!" and he kind of does a double-take, like he didn't believe it was me :) it was actually quite funny.
*The papers were not on top of the kennel, but we went into the 'doggy customs' area and the papers are sitting on top of a desk.
*Official guy (vet type person) comes over and Wilmer and I start talking to him. He re-iterates that they need a vet certificate for shots, etc. I say that the form we have is all that is needed.....we kinda go back and forth and then Wilmer says something about 500 Lempiras (currency here). Vet guy looks up with a twinkle in his eye and a smile and says, "Si". My first experience bribing :)
*Christiana calls back and I let her know we don't need to worry about the vet.
*I hand over 500 Lempira ($25) and things start to roll along quite smoothly. He starts filling out paperwork, I sign a few of them and Wilmer and I head outta there.


About Pip:
*He was really thirsty in the airport!
*We start to walk back to the car, find some green space and he relieves himself - #1 and #2.....I think he'd been holding everything for awhile.
*Happy as ever to be in the back of the car :)
*Very tired and in the apartment definitely in a little bit of 'doggy culture shock'. Lots of new stuff to smell and hear, etc. He keeps looking at me like, "Ok, so when are we going home?".

thanks family for all the help taking care of Pip while we were out of the States.....

The adventure continues.....


  1. Pip is a trooper, Wilmer sounds very resourceful and that was a pretty cheap bribe.
    I taught at Discovery and lived in Ames Iowa, please keep blogging, I am following your adventures.

  2. Thanks MIke! We will definitely keep blogging!


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