Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Oldies.........93.3 KIOA......in Teguc?

Chris says:

I'm sitting here listening to our digital tv that is actually on the digital radio - its on a station called, "Upbeat Oldies". Strange how music can remind you of home - the station plays oldies just like KIOA used to. I say used to because maybe for about the past year, KIOA started introducing a lot more 1970s (& 80s?) music into their playlist - and I was not impressed at all. This digital station however, is playing good stuff from the 60s like Chicago (Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?), The Beatles (Honey Don't), Sam Cooke (Twisin' The Night Away), and Steam (Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye). Listening to this music is taking me back to memories of my childhood when 3 out of 4 weekends my family would go up to Des Moines to visit my grandparents. KIOA was the standard radio station anytime I was in the car as a child (especially on the way to Des Moines). Strange as it may seem, I remember complaining sometimes to my parents about always listening to "The Oldies" - I got bored, got annoyed, etc. But, soon enough the ride was over and I got to see my grandparents - and all was well with the world! I now find myself in an unfamiliar (although slowly but surely becoming familiar) place, listening to music I grew up with and not wanting to turn the channel away - its a little bit of an Iowa memory down here in Honduras. So, thanks Mom and Dad for always listening to KIOA when I was younger, I didn't realize at the time how it would be useful later....listening to the music reminds me of good times growing up driving to Des Moines to visit Grandma and Grandpa.

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  1. You are welcome for the music education, and thank you for making me think I did something right in the past 26+ years!

    Hombre Momma


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