Thursday, August 14, 2014

Around the World In 46 Days: Part II aka The August Break Day 14: Hands

Kristen says...

Hands down, our recent trip was to the UK was the best trip we have taken this year.

(Ok, that was a really lame way to use the daily prompt of hands, but besides another tatting reference I wasn't sure what else to use...also need to show you the second half of our trip! It's been almost a month since we got back!)

So, Chris gave me 10 days in the UK for Christmas last year, and he made good on that present in July.

Here we are in London:
Our first morning, and Chris' first red telephone booth!
 We mostly hit the touristy spots, but also spent a lot of time just wandering around and enjoying London's amazing parks.
On the London Eye
Houses of Parliament
Chris' first fish and chips!
King of my Heart wearing my tea cozy at the Tower
We didn't stand in line so this was the best picture I could get!
We were randomly in town for the Tour!
Just finished cycling in Kensington Gardens
Chris' favorite part of many parks to nap in!
Oh, Cream Tea! So very good!
Also the Cornish Pasty, amazing
We both thought this street art outside the National Gallery of Art was neat--we put money on the US and I had a 10 Ruble coin that I put on Russia, too.
We passed the test at ClueQuest, something (they say) only 40% of people do in teams of 3 or more...we are such a great team! :)

The King and Queen at Kensington Gardens

This was also something of a nostalgia trip for me, since I had the good fortune to live in London in college--I even found my old flat! :)

We didn't just stay in London, we took a couple of day-trips, too:

Hampton Court Palace

We made it to the center of the maze! (But I made it first) :)
We love taking the train!!
Bath Aqua Glass
Another maze...I was not so successful this time
Birthplace of the Bard
Jane! Thanks again and again!
For some reason it made me really happy that Stratford has a Carnegie library!
We also took a two-day trip to Edinburgh

We stayed at Duthus Lodge, a beautiful, historic home with wonderful proprietors, great food and...
ARCHIE!!! We definitely recommend staying there any time you are in Edinburgh!
 We also saw a few sights in the city
Edinburgh Castle
Scotch Whisky Tour
Chris even at Haggis! A much braver man than I am! :)
Chris is going to have his hands full (see, I brought it full circle!) beating this present...although the other day we discussed celebrating my birthday in Tokyo... :)


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