Sunday, August 3, 2014

The August Break Day 3: Window

Kristen says...

There are a lot of windows in our house here in Vlad--in fact, almost the whole front of our place is windows. That is definitely a trend here, something about which I am not sure why. 

Perhaps it has something to do with allowing all the abundant sunlight in, or capturing what light is available on foggy days. 

Today was one of those very sunny days...for a while...and then it got foggy for a couple of hours. And then it got sunny again.  And then foggy. 

We happen to have a great a view of the bay bridge from our townhouse windows
but today we didn't need it as we were outside when the fog rolled in. 

As midwesterners we're not too familiar with fog rolling in, so it's still something of a novelty...

It is fun what we see from our windows!


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