Sunday, August 17, 2014

The August Break Day 17: Bookshelf

Kristen says...

I know it has been mentioned here before, but I love books. I love them and I have a lot of them. Also, my husband loves me enough to let me bring them aroud the world, even though it makes absolutely  no sense to do so. What a guy. :)

When one has a lot of book, it makes sense that one would also have a lot of bookshelves. I believe that had also been covered a few times on this blog.

In fact, we have 12 bookshelf units in our current house. Granted, all but four of them are being use for something other than books (movies, my record player, art, and sheets are some of the various ways we are using our bookshelves) but the four we brought from Iowa are crammed full of books, with a sprinkling of other things in-between. 

Case in point, my favorite bookshelf:

Why is this one my favorite, you ask? Well, while all my books are awesome and have some special meaning to me, the books and items on this particular bookshelf have the most personal application.

From the top down:  
The left side of the shelf has classic books that I read and loved as a child. Also there is a bear I picked up in Chicagoland during a visit with family friends. When you squeeze his tummy he says, "I loooove chocolate." And I do, and have since I was a kid, which is why you can page through many of those books and find chocolate stains. :)

The right side of the top shelf has books inherited from my maternal grandmother as well as the book she hand-wrote for me with information about her life. The tiny plate in front was part of a family tea set--it is a salt-cellar, and each of the girls in our family was given one for Christmas before my grandma died. 

The second shelf down holds all my tatting books, which is an ever-growing collection and contains books in English, German, Russian and Japanese. (If anybody out there has tatting books they're looking to get rid of, let me know. I want them. :) It is also the only place in the house that I actually display any tatting, because Chris really isn't that big on the whole frilly lace thing, go figure. :)

The left side of the middle shelf holds my many books by and about Laura Ingalls Wilder, an author I have enjoyed reading and studying for over twenty years. (You can tell which of her books were my favorite growing up, just look at the damage to the spines!) I bought the blue and white sewing machine at her home in Mansfield, MO over the summer. 

The right side of the middle shelf has travel books, obviously an interest in the Fink family. We especially like Bill Bryson's books, partly because he is from Iowa and partly because he is hilarious! My copies of "Notes From a Small Island" and "In a Sunburned Country" are not currently on the shelf   because I was reading them in preparation for our UK trip and moving to Australia, respectively, and I haven't gotten around to reshelving them yet. The small boxes in front were purchased in a market in Thailand.

The second-to-bottom shelf has my Harry Potter books (perhaps my second-favorite book series) and our language-learning books for Spanish and Russian. I also have copies of Harry Potter in Russian and Spanish, just for fun. The print shows Southwestern Native American children and was given to me by my paternal grandmother who lived part of the year in Arizona. 

The bottom shelf has books I use in my classroom and as resources to improve my teaching abilities. There are some pretty major gaps there right now because all my US history books are being used for this summer school class I am teaching. The big paper pencil was given to me by one of my students at the end of last year. It had chocolate inside. I loooove chocolate!


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