Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The August Break Day 5: Three

Kristen says...

I was asked by a friend to give American History lessons to her 7th grader this summer...for me, this is the academic equivalent of asking me if I want cake with frosting and sprinkles this summer. Of course I said yes. 

We meet three times a week and are gettig theough the entirety of American History in just five weeks. Obviously this is a survey course, but it is still so much fun. 

Yesterday and today we have been focusing on the US Constitution, and today we really hit the three branches of government. 

I believe in using tactiles to organize information even for middle schoolers, so here is the assignment I set today:

Assuming the US Government is the tree trunk, identify the three equal branches of the tree (executive, legislative and judicial) the main twig on that branch (President, Congress (with two additional twigs for the Senate and the House) and the Supreme Court) and leaves showing the main functions or powers of those leaders. 

So fun, and educational, too!


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