Friday, August 1, 2014

The August Break Day 1: Lunch

Kristen says...

So I don't usually do things like this because I'm just not this kind of person, but I recently signed up for a service to send me an e-mail every day in August with the intent of reminding me to make time for something I want to do (my "something" is tatting) every day. Why am I not that kind of person? I'm pretty independent...

Anyway, for reasons beyond their control, they pushed the e-mail reminders back a month, and suggested taking a peek at The August Break instead. So I did and, even though this type of thing really isn't "my thing," I decided it might be interesting to show a photo each day of typical Vladivostok things that fit with the daily "tasks" set by the Break.


Today being Day 1, here is a photo of Lunch:

Although there are many good restaurants in Vladivostok, hardly any of them are located near the Consulate. This Uzbek restaurant called Hlopok (Хлопок) which means cotton is a favorite, and earlier this week I went there with some of my colleagues.

There are actually two Hlopoks in Vlad, and both are quite good...although I have to say the bathroom at the other Hlopok is the coolest bathroom I have ever seen (which may not be saying that much, since both bathrooms are pretty underwhelming, but seriously, I go to that place just to go to the bathroom. It's that cool).

The food at Hlopok is quite good, and includes both meat and vegetarian dishes. I especially enjoy two types of cheesy breads, one called Hichin, a thin, oily bread with blended potatoes and cheese inside, and another called Hachipuri, which is more of a traditional bread with cheese inside and roasted pumpkin seeds on top. I also like a vegetable dish called Dulash, which is made of chunks of roasted eggplant, zucchini, tomatoes, onions and peppers in a thin white sauce and topped with sesame seeds. So yum.

Chris likes a lamb and noodle soup called Lagman and a rice dish called Plof (which is sometimes served with horsemeat, ick).

Anyway, Day 1: Lunch.


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