Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The August Break Day 20: Peaceful

Kristen says...

I am not a particularly peaceful person. It's bot that I'm a fighter, or overly argumenatative, but I have a hard time sitting still and just being. I can't just sit and do nothing, I always have to be moving or twitching or tatting or reading or something. 

That may be one if the reasons I enjoy doing yoga. I feel most peaceful in the middle of practice. 

My first teacher in Honduras always started practice with a reminder that we might as well focus all our energy on our practice, because we had decided to be at yoga rather than do anything else. I like that mentality a lot, even though my mind does wander at times when I am practicing. 

Chris and I did our first Russian practice a few months ago--these photos were taken for a local online news source 

It was really nice to get bak to yoga, and to try something new (Ashtanga Vinyasa). 

I always feel good after yoga, and it does help quiet my restless self, and yes, make me more peaceful. 


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