Sunday, August 24, 2014

The August Break Day 24: Memory

Kristen says...

I have a good memory in some instances.

For example...if you come to my house and move certain of my possessions around (especially my books and knick-knacks) I'll probably be able to tell you what you moved and where it used to be...also where I got it or who gave it to me, and some sort of random fact or funny anecdote associated with it. (Names, however, not so much...makes for an interesting time when trying to introduce new people to colleagues I don't regularly interact with. :/ )

As much as we move around and travel, I have thousands of pictures of memories, and it's hard to decide on which one(s) are best to use for this photo prompt.

I had to leave Pip in Iowa when I went home this summer to try to make sure he can get into Australia with as little pain as possible, so right now we are missing him terribly (Skyping with a dog is decidedly unsatisfying--they can't really talk back and you just feel bad when they look around for you and you're thousands of miles away...)

Tonight I went back through some old photos and found the first picture I ever took of him, way back in June of 2006, when Chris and I adopted after we had been married just 9 days!
Cute, right!?
I have so many fun memories of Pip as a puppy...he was so small when we got him, and had so much less hair!!
So small!!
So sleepy!
Smiling for the camera
What, I wasn't going to do anything to your camera, mom!
Yep, I miss that hairy little beast, but I have tons of memories and know I'll see him in just a few months...and seriously, I know he is having the time of his life with my parents in Iowa!! :)
See you soon!!


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