Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The August Break Day 12: On the Table

Kristen says...

Happy Taco Tuesday!

I am constantly surprised at the variety of decent restaurants there are in Vladivostok--Russian of course, but also Italian, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, German and now Peruvian!

Tonight there were tacos on the table!

The menu has more than just tacos, of course, but they were on special tonight so Chris and I ordered them, and then went back for bean and cheese nachos. We also had a lime-mint drink which was better than it sounds. 

It was no anafre con quesillo, but it was not bad at all! Bienvenidos a Vladivostok, Cafe Lima!



  1. Love their motto - might have to steal it. "Baking like we like"....yes!!

    1. Exactly!!! :) We went back again this week and it was still very good...defnitely a great addition to Vladivostok! :)


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