Thursday, August 28, 2014

The August Break Day 28: Something New

Kristen says...

In this life, it often feels like there is something new almost every day...unless you have to write a blog post about something new, and then it's same old same old. :)

I considered doing something new last week when I went to get my hair cut. It seems like everyone here has bangs, so I was considering them for myself.

Me with bangs (ish):

I went to the stylist (they call them "masters" at my salon) and asked her opinion about the bangs...

She took one look at me, smiled a bit, and shook her head a decided no.

So much for trying something new! :)


PS: Here is the actual haircut:


  1. Very snazzy. I like your zebra shirt too.

    1. Thanks, Jane! That shirt is one of my favorites from this summer's trip home :)

  2. Haha, your "bangs" look like Justin Bieber's hair!! I still think they would have looked nice on you though...maybe your Australian stylist will let you get them. ;) I love you either way, sis!

    1. Hmm...not sure how I feel about the JB comparison... ;) Love you too!


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