Monday, August 18, 2014

The August Break Day 18: Jump

Kristen says...

Well, the Iowa State Fair is over, so I have less of a reason to be grumpy for the next 365 days. :)

When I think about the Fair there are two main things I think about, the food and the contests. I love eating at the Fair, and I love goin around to see what has won all the cobtrsts at the Fair. I especially enjoy looking at the food-based contests, and thinking about what things I could enter if I were in town for the Fair. 

One thing I have occasionally thought to do but have never gotten around to it is making sourdough bread. The actual makin of the sourdough starter has always intimidated me, so when I was offered a cup of ready-to-use sourdough starter from  one of our fellow officers, I jumped at the chance! (Yes, that is how I am tying in the word of the day--not terribly impressive, is it?) :)

So, this weekend Chris and I made sourdough bread. 

I was going to do it all by myself, but like an idiot I burned the back of my hand with boiling water, so I had to enlist Chris to help because it hurt to do things like knead and stir.  
I was amazed at how "puffy" sourdough gets!!

The smaller loaf on the left just fit inside a gallon-sized ziplock bag, and the larger one on the right has a diameter of over 12"!

While the bread was baking, Chris decided we needed something delicious for lunch, so we looked up a recipe online and used a couple cans of pumpkin to make soup:

Um, delicious!



  1. Does look delicious! I can't imagine buying tinned pumpkin though.

    1. :) I would guess that at least 95% of all pumpkin used for pumpkin pie in the US is from a is definitely more "weird" to use fresh pumpkin than canned...I admit I am too scared to try to cook with fresh pumpkin! :)


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