Saturday, August 16, 2014

The August Break Day 16: Look Down

Kristen says...

This post is making me laugh because the password hint for my first e-mail account ever was "Look down," something that frustrated one of my more determined (and immature) junior high friends who was trying to hack my e-mail. He never did guess, haha. (Of course, I knew he wouldn't, the hint had nothing to do with the content of the password!!)

On Wednesday of this week I had the great fortune to be able to play tourist in my own city, something I anticipate being able to do a bit more of over the next six months as we will be welcoming a number of new officers at the Consulate and I am sure I will be showing them some of the city.

I visited two new attractions in downtown Vladivostok, a traveling museum exhibit of a baby woolly mammoth named Yuka and a new statue of Eleanor Pray, an American who lived in Vladivostok in the early 1900s.

We went to the statue first because it was on the way to the museum. It is a larger-than-life depiction of Eleanor coming down the stairs from her Vladivostok home to the city post office, clutching a letter lovingly. (Her house was literally just up the hill from the post office...she could look down on the pochta if she wanted.) :)
Eleanor Pray house

The back of the statue and a closer view
Two Americans in Vladivostok
Eleanor is remarkably famous in the city; her photos of the city from the late 1890s to the early 1920s show an interesting picture of the city before it closed for many years during the Soviet years, and her letters have been published in both English and Russian. There is also an exhibit dedicated to her in one of the local museums I visited last year with Amy Ballard.

After the statue we went on to see Yuka, the most complete baby woolly mammoth ever found, which you can read and see more about here, here, here and here.

The museum and advertisement for the Yuka exhibit
It was kind of hard to get good pictures because the glass was really reflective
The showcase they have him in allows you to get front and side pictures
If you read Russian you can read more about him here, otherwise you'll have to visit his websites: 

We have also had some beautiful sunsets recently...this place never fails to amaze me with its beautiful salutes to the end of the day:



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